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Autoresponders Make For Creative Marketing

Glinda McDuffie
Mar 22, 2008
Autoresponders are impressive, sometimes complex programs that do much more than automatically reply to your emails. When properly utilized, your autoresponder can be an invaluable marketing tool. Internet statistics tell us that most internet users only stay on a website for an average of 45 seconds. This statistic can be a problem if your website sells products or services. Sometimes visitors may exit your website before they were able to finish browsing.

For example:

A potential customer is browsing your website. She is moments from making a purchase. There is a thunderstorm outside and lightning strikes a tree that causes a blackout in her area. She didn't bookmark your website before nature took its toll. Your autoresponder was able to capture her email address. The next time she checks her e-mail, she will find a friendly thank you note from your website. She will likely visit your website again and make her purchase.

Within seconds, your potential customer is gone. Many times potential customers do not bookmark your website before accidentally closing the browser. If you had the foresight to install an autoresponder, the likelihood of them visiting again just increased. If the visitor input their e-mail address, you can follow-up with them with a friendly e-mail reminder to visit again.

Ten ways an autoresponder can add to your marketing strategy:

1. Create mailing lists for various user groups. Separate mailing lists for customers and affiliates will give you the ability to create a wider variety of personalized newsletters and other marketing texts designed for each group.

2. Create and e-mail a newsletter especially for your customers. A well-made newsletter can be a very valuable marketing tool. You can inform registered members of special offers or create a promotional code for those who receive your newsletter. You can also provide valuable information pertaining to your specific products.

3. Create a newsletter specifically for your affiliates and advertisers. Help keep them informed of special promotional advertising during certain seasons. Create and share new buttons and banners with special sale prices that they can use on their website to help increase their revenue.

4. Create a review sheet for your best selling products. Include reviews from actual customers.

5. Write and distribute articles about products your site offers. In addition to e-mailing your articles to members of your site, submit then to article submission sites for more exposure.

6. Write informative autorespond letters thanking your customers for their order or letting them know when their order will ship.

7. Use your autoresponder to let customers know your company received their e-mail and someone will contact them from the proper department.

8. Send automated reminders about your products or services. Include statements like "Others who bought this item also bought."

9. Use your autoresponder to help create interactive games with your customers. Include quizzes or puzzles on your website and provide the answer in a newsletter.

10. Offer trial versions of your products or coupons for services you may offer. If your product can be delivered electronically, you can set your autoresponder to deliver the product to the customer immediately upon receipt of payment.

As you can see there are many ways to promote your company's products and services via an autoresponder. This list was created to help jumpstart your own creativity. See how many other brilliant and creative ways you can use your autoresponder.
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