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Mar 22, 2008
Social marketing is something many internet marketing gurus are taking full advantage of. IM newbies want to know where to start and what to focus their time on. By using the social marketing tools on the internet you can reach a wide audience anxious to buy what you are selling. There are so many social platforms out there, how do you know what to take advantage of? Continue reading for some useful tips.

Many people are looking to get in on the ground floor of something new in order to maximize their ROI but in order to do that your ear has to be close to the ground and you have to have some savvy. Sometimes it's about timing which can be as easy as being in the right online place at the right time. Many new social bookmarking and networking websites start out each day and due to the law of averages, while the vast majority don't do amount to very much, you don't want to miss any boats either. So, how can you as a new internet marketing dabbler decide where to spend your time and energy?

First, find great sources of information. Find some IM niche mentors that you can follow around cyberspace and take advantage of the info they share. Use their industry knowledge to help you gather intelligence. Internet marketing information is readily available through blogs as well as through community forums like Sitepoint and the Warrior Forum, through online articles, through program review sites and for those interested in unique services you can purchase a program or subscription in a service such as StomperNet or SpaceBankers where you can gain insider information for a fee.

After you pay a great deal of attention to what the experts are saying, it's time to dabble a little. Consider joining five different recommended tools and see what they do for you. It can be time well invested and if nothing else, will teach you a lot about social marketing and networking. Many social sites will give you statistics that can help you gage their success. Digg will show you digs to your articles, you can see feed statistics when you use RSS on blogs and other pages, you can see what type of search engine results your efforts bring you plus you can check Google Adsense reports on channel data to see where your earnings are coming from. Plus, you can follow your site stats through free tools like AWStats or Google Analytics to see what social efforts are paying off.

Programs exist that can help you learn the basics as well as internet marketing secrets to social marketing as well. Programs like Space Bankers can help you get the inside scoop without as much fumbling, trial and error. This type of program along with some homework and following around some great marketing mentors can help you take the guesswork out and start making headway with your plans to make money online through internet marketing.
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