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Step One: Recognize How Measurements Can Help Identify and Understand More About Irresistible Forces

Mar 23, 2008
"Experience teaches you to recognize a mistake when you've made it again." --Unknown

Many irresistible forces go totally unnoticed by the organizations they affect. This article shows you the value of continuously measuring all aspects of an enterprise's environment in order to detect, quantify, and track those forces. When it comes to irresistible force management, only constant assessment of the factors that can determine your success or failure will keep you current and on track.

Lights. Camera. Action! -- Recognize the Importance of Measurements

In the movie, The Truman Show, Jim Carrey starred as a young person who lives his whole life on a television set that he believes is the real world. By carefully observing that certain circumstances occur in too-predictable patterns, he eventually figures out that he is on camera.

If it hadn't been for noticing the strange occurrences around him, the young man would have missed the most irresistible force in his life, the will of the director. Using his newfound knowledge, he decides to leave the set and join the rest of the world.

So it is with irresistible forces in your world. Success in dealing with them must begin with perceiving them. Since human beings normally pay little conscious attention to 98 percent of what's going on around them, it's not surprising that executives miss important shifts in irresistible forces.

Measurements are powerful tools for drawing attention to significant changes. By assuming that virtually anything can change and placing measures on your enterprise's environment to monitor that assumption, a business can much improve its potential for grasping what is going on with irresistible forces.

Set Sail: Let the Wind Blowing in Any Direction Speed Your Journey

If enterprises can detect the arrival and departure of irresistible forces, they can have an easier time adapting themselves to using the irresistible forces as allies. This adaptability reached a new height a number of years ago while the America's Cup was still held in Newport, Rhode Island.

For sailors, the wind is a key irresistible force. Because the winds are often light in this area, anyone who had the right sails in place and positioned properly when the breezes shifted would have a large advantage. Historically, canny captains scanned the clouds and the waves ahead for any clue as to what was about to happen to the wind.

However, in one of the last America's Cup events in Newport, the approach to anticipating the wind was taken to the ultimate. One team set up a weather station adjacent to the course to measure and forecast the shifts in the breeze and to convey that information to the captain five to six minutes before the shifts occurred.

One year the information proved decisive. For the next America's Cup trial in Newport a few years later, every competitor had a weather station to play the same role.
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