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5 Highly Effective Ezine Writing Techniques You Need To Know Now

Mar 23, 2008
In the information marketing business, the various "gurus" spend a lot of time talking about the importance of building a list. While this is certainly true, it is EQUALLY important to communicate effectively with people once you have them on your list.

Here are 4 Keys to Doing it RIGHT!

1. Never Lie to Your List. EVER.

Many people who write ezines have a tendency to "stretch the truth" when they write. Not a good idea. You will inevitably be found out and your relationship with your list will be damaged. In many cases, beyond repair. If you're not yet making a gazillion dollars, don't worry. Be truthful and explain to people where you are and what your REAL data is. As you grow, your list will respect the fact that you were honest with them from the start.

2. If You Make a Mistake, Admit it!

I now have a list of over 130,000 people. A couple of years ago I did a video with a guy who claimed to have some "miracle" product. I knew and trusted this guy. It turns out it was a scam. After discovering that I had promoted a bogus product I sent out an apology to my list. I told them I had been duped. I got a flood of positive emails in response. Everyone can understand and forgive mistakes. What people will NOT forgive is cover-up. Just ask Richard Nixon (or his ghost)!

3. Share Some Personal Info

Although I write a business ezine, I always give my list some snippets of what's going on in my life personally. People gain trust in you and your material by knowing that they are dealing with a real person. Share some of the personal side of your life. BUT, remember, don't go TOO far. There is such a thing as T.M.I.


Whenever I buy a product or sign up for a list I'm amazed. I start to get a flood of pitches. If you're like me, you immediately unsubscribe. It took you all this time, energy and money to get a subscriber and now they are gone. Why? Because they want you to feed them good information before you try and sell them something. The ratio I try and keep is about 4:1. I try and give people at least four times more content than sales message. Keep a ration like this with your list and your unsubscribe rate will stay low. Violate this rule and your list will dwindle. QUICKLY.

5. Randomize Your Delivery

Many will disagree with me here, but it has worked very well for me. I try and send out my ezine at NON-REGULAR intervals. A couple of ezines I get arrive on the same day every week. This may work for them, but it doesn't work for me. I will send one ezine out and then not send one for 9 days. Then send out three in the next week. I mix it up. I try and keep people "guessing" both in the area of my content AND my delivery.

Follow these 5 suggestions and your list will be loyal and buy more from you. I know. I do it and it works.
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Fred Gleeck is an information marketer. He is the author of 15+ books and marketing and marketing related topics. He is known as "The Product Guru" and "The King of Content." To get 5 of his ebooks for FREE go to http://www.FredGleeck.com/ebooks. You'll get 5 books that sell for close to $100, free!
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