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How To Become A Six Figure Earner Through Affiliate Marketing

Mar 23, 2008
Nearly every kind of product or service is available online these days. At the very least, you can find information about almost any product or service via the Internet. Companies and individuals looking to sell something have begun to count on Web masters to do their advertising for them. This is where the savvy Internet entrepreneur can make money online.

Internet advertisers will pay you to do their advertising for them through such marketing venues as banner advertising, text links, reviews and direct mail. The idea behind these marketing methods is that advertisers will compensate Web masters, who market their businesses through their own sites and promotional efforts. These Web masters are called affiliates, and they offer a lucrative opportunity for making money online.

Banner Advertising

As a general rule, the simpler the banner, the more likely it is to generate traffic. Most visitors will avoid banners filled with graphics. It takes more time to download all the extra graphics, so chances are visitors will scan past the links that are still loading. Your visitors want to scan the prospects quickly and move on to what they need. Most affiliate programs offer a wide variety of banners that you can choose to place on your site. Keep in mind that simpler is smarter. Whichever banners you place on your site, be sure you are keeping a consistent theme. The site should be appealing and seem as though everything has its place and belongs together.

Text Links

Effective text link ads don't take up a lot of space and don't get in the face of the visitor. You can easily add them to your page layouts, along with information about why your visitor should look into the offer. It is better for advertising if the company provides you with text links that emphasize the company name or product. This will make it easier for you to implement the links into such content as related articles and reviews. Reviews

Regular visitors to your site will consider you an expert and an authority on certain subjects. With this in mind, you can write reviews of the services or products offered through the links on your site. This will serve two purposes:

* Visitors will continue coming to your site because you offer them fast and concise information about the products they are interested in. This saves them the time and energy of doing the research themselves. If they respect your views, they will keep coming back.

* Writing reviews also provides text content for the search engine spiders to capture keywords leading people to your site.

If you intend to review the services and products of your advertisers, you have to believe in what they are selling. Do your homework and know what you are advertising. Contact the company and let them know what your intentions are. You may be surprised at the positive reaction they have to your promotional efforts. They may even offer additional pay or some commission based on the sales generated through your site.

Direct Mail

Direct promotion through e-mail has become as common as direct mail through the postal service. Beware of spam though. Most Internet surfers are well versed in the negative effects of spam and have potential spam e-mails dumped directly into a bulk folder. Most users empty the folder regularly without ever even opening the e-mails it contains.

One way around having e-mail dumped as spam is to combine your e-mail efforts with your reviews. In your summary of a service or product, you can place a link to the company's web site. You benefit by having the visitor on your site longer, during which time they may check out the other areas of your site. The advertiser benefits because you are directing targeted traffic to his or her site.

Becoming an affiliate marketer is a very profitable way to begin making money online. If you are skilled and inventive enough to attract advertisers, you will maintain a steady flow of revenue. You may also choose to combine your affiliate marketing strategies with other marketing methods to promote your own product and generate even more sales and income.
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