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Find Your Niche And Build Your List Around It

Mar 23, 2008
By knowing what your niche is, or at least a basic idea about what it may be, will give you a place to start building your list. It can be about something you are very knowledgeable in. Maybe there is something you've always wanted to learn about. Have a teleseminar series and invite a lot of people who already have big lists, with great products to offer, and ask them to partake in your interview series.

Sellers always want more exposure and ultimately, to be able to sell more of their products. You want to make money and build your list. There is now an opportunity out in the open to introduce the possibility of a teleseminar series, which both you and the seller would promote to their lists via an email that you, the affiliate, will provide the seller. Less hassle on his/her part, the more likely they are to follow through with the initial agreement. In that email, have a link for people to click on that takes them to an opt-in page where they can do one of two things, opt-in, or leave. Once people opt-in, they will be redirected to a thank you page, which will have your affiliate link available to your new and current subscribers, and they will have the opportunity to purchase products from you right away, and if it's not there,they can't buy!

Doing a teleseminar series is just a suggestion. There are other ways to promote products that are just as effective, like offering incentives and then giving more value than you initially offered. Build up a series of recordings about something you want to learn about and be an inquisitive interviewer. Do a series about something you are knowledgeable in and be an expert interviewer. Get about 10 to 15 people who all have lists that they would promote to your list, and that's how it all starts and then gains momentum from there.

Find at least four products, at http://ClickBank.com, that apply to your niche or topic, and they have every possible affiliate product you can imagine there. Using ClickBank also allows you to really target your audience, right down to a specific groove in your niche, which is one of the great advantages of ClickBank. Promote products and services to your list that pertain to what your niche is built on, give your people what they ask for. You can find out what they want by going to http://AskDatabase.com and entering a question to your niche's audience, then find quality products and services to present to them based on the feedback you receive. Plus, the feedback from the question you posed gives you content for plenty of different articles, newsletters, blog posts, etc. however, you must try those products for yourself. It is crucial to build strong, trusting relationships with your people, because it is a solid reason for them to become long term customers and those customers will recommend you to more customers, and so on. You have now built yourself a respectable reputation and therefore, continued business.

Affiliate marketing takes the guess work out of internet marketing. You don't have to worry about customers, inventory, shipping, etc., the seller handles all that. You just need traffic, and to get traffic, you must target your audience, give them what they are asking for, and always offer value. Find your groove, Baby!

I had tried my own venture with the travel industry, and ended up trying to reinvent the wheel. The more I learned about affiliate marketing, the money to be made, and the ease with which it can be done, the less I struggled. Now I go with the flow and I find plenty of wonderful products to promote with totally bitchin' commissions and other affiliate benefits!
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