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Network Marketing: Attracting Success, Money, & The People Who Want You To Have The Same

Mar 23, 2008
I started in network marketing over a year ago. I haven't made a single penny. . .but don't let that discourage you. You will and you can.

But how do you make money when no one knows you are out there? How do you get yourself "out there?" No matter what your niche is, or how original your product or idea is, you are lost in a morass of websites that are doing something similar to you.

I thought travel was an excellent niche, and as I started researching it, I found that, yes, travel is an excellent niche. It is something everyone wants all the time. I also saw what a vast niche travel is. I had no idea there were so many travel products out there. I also learned that more and more travel agents are cutting the overhead and moving their businesses to their homes. I realized at that point, I knew nothing of the trade and though I've been all over the United States via truck & camper, as well as by jet, I haven't really been anywhere! So I found a great place to start, which in my opinion is the Travel Agent University, and dove in.

The next hard lesson I learned is that for the last year, I had spent literally $1000's on "lead lists." If you aren't familiar with a "lead list," very briefly; a lead list is a list of names, email addresses, phone #'s, and other personal information about people that are supposedly interested in your product or business opportunity. They are allegedly ready to make a major change in their lives, and prepared to make an investment in themselves and their home based business of choice. These lists are generated by lead generation companies who gather the information, and pass it on to you, the "client consumer." These lists are exorbitantly expensive and the payoff is enough to make anyone hate network marketing, due to the constant discouragement it lends for such a ridiculous price.

My own personal example: I made my 1st training sale to my 1st lead my 1st week of network marketing. One more training sale and the profits were all mine! Every person I found who had even a remote interest in running a profitable and lucrative business from home, from July of 2006 to April of 2007, went MIA. I was beside myself with stress and worry. The end of April 2007, my 2nd training sale called me. Not only had she been researching my product/business opportunity for the last month, but she was prepared to make her investment and get started RIGHT NOW!! I was elated! Finally, I was a released Level 2 Director and in a position to earn no less than $1000 and up to $3200 per transaction! However, I had learned that those sales would not be coming from lead lists.

If I had known then what I know now, I would've spent every last lost dollar on advertising. I would've had a year's headstart over where I am now, and most importantly, people would and should be calling me, not me calling them. People have to do things of their own accord, when they want it enough to set aside the time to thoroughly investigate their desire, and then act on it.

People calling with "business opportunities" are annoying! When I fill out any kind of information form online, I check to make sure that there won't be a salesperson calling shortly after their "virtual assistant" is alerted that I even thought about looking at their website. If I am interested enough to further investigate, I will at my own pace. I decide when and if I'm going to call anyone regarding a product or opportunity! In fact, I HATE getting all these phone calls all day--anything 1-800 gets my voice mail, unknowns get the same, also if it's a phone number I don't recognize. No message? Then it wasn't that important. Before caller I.D., I used to just hang up. . .

After a year of discouragement and the threat of quitting constantly hanging over my head, I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Tellman Knudson speak for the "Network Marketing Coach of the Year" award. I knew this man could help me. I knew he was going to show me exactly what I needed to be doing without causing financial suicide, while also saving me from the brink of it. Not only for my own niche, but also giving his students a chance to be an affiliate for http://OvercomeEverything.com. These products are already in huge demand and well known to an already targeted client database.

I also had the total pleasure of speaking to Mr. Ben Mack. When Ben talks, the way he talks, even if one has no listening skills and ADD, he has a way of keeping one's train of thought moving in the right direction. He will clearly discover if one still has the desire and motivation to forge forward or if one should, in all reality, financially and mentally, give up. In my conversation with Ben, I was at the point of giving up, but what I drew from our chat was, for me to give up at the familiar fork in the road would mean I was qitting a mere 3 feet from gold. Ben already knew, but he didn't have to say it, because I already knew, too.

Develop your ears and listen up! I mean ACTIVELY listen. Hear the words and put them in the correct context. Follow the instructions given to you WHEN they are given to you! Procrastination is your worst arch-enemy!

You can feel Ben and Tellman and know that they are here to help you with your marketing efforts, all the while offering plenty of themselves to help you begin making money. These men truly care because they have been in the position to be financially harshed out. Now they exist on a higher plane where it isn't about the money anymore, it's about helping others to achieve the same.

I have always believed in the Law of Attraction, since I was old enough to realize that I had the sway to control the outcome of various situations and positions I found myself in. I didn't realize it at the time, but it had a name. Nor did I think anyone else knew about it or could feel it like I could, and I certainly didn't know how to use it. Not to keep rehashing the last year, but it is also the time that I began learning about the Law of Attraction and how it is to be used. Used. . .That is for lack of a better term, but the point is, it is a close relative to my old, dear friend Karma, but as to where you only control Karma for as long as it will let you, you have complete control over the Law of Attraction and how you direct it.

To bring it all to light, 1 year and 4 months ago, I put the Law of Attraction in motion for myself by taking the steps that I have taken, the things I have learned and the actions I have learned to take to set things in motion. I attracted Mr. Knudson and Mr. Mack into my life at exactly the right time, further securing the future I have planned for my family and myself.

Are you ready to pull it together, shake the darkness of deep depression, and start your life? Then waste no time. . .because even though you may still have the feelings of desire, you don't have much time. . .
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