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Is MonaVie a MLM Scam or a Legitimate Opportunity?

Mar 23, 2008
MonaVie The Acai Berry Health Food Drink. Does it work? Is this a Scam? by Todd Schuyler

MonaVie is an awesome health food drink, destined to make a major difference in the lives of countless peoples of the world.

The people behind MonaVie, driven by a passion for helping humanity and bringing abundance into the lives of many, have created the ultimate blend of 19 health-promoting fruits from the four corners of the earth.

The crown jewel in the MonaVie formula is the amazing acai berry, found only high atop giant palm trees in the lush,green, Amazon Rain Forest of South America. For centuries, the indigenous people of Brazil's Northern Amazon region have revered this berry as an antidote for several kinds of ailments.

MonaVie is the recommended alternative to the vast wasteland of boring health products. MonaVie offers the healthy blend of 19 wondrous and forgotten fruits. It features the acai berry, recognized as one of the "top 10 super foods ...nature's perfect energy fruit." Each fruit and each portion were selected for their specific and known benefits. Their synergistic effect reaches far beyond what any single fruit could accomplish.

Should you try MonaVie now?

You might ask "Can't I get acai berry juice anywhere?" Yes that's true. There are other sources for acai juice. I've read that the acai juice is available at many health food stores, but the huge difference is MonaVie's blend of multiple fruit juices. As you read above, it is MonaVie's claim that its not only the potency of the acai berry, but also there unique blend of these other fruits that make MonaVie different/better. What MonaVie does claim is that it uses a type of acai berry that contains the highest ORAC rating, some 1027.

Perhaps there is something else out there will work just as good for you. If so. Go for it. The main difference in the case of MonaVie is that I'm giving you first hand testimony of its effects and second hand testimonies from those I know who also drink it.

MonaVie is a juice made up of 19 different fruits that can really help your body. The claims aren't for miraculous healing as much as they are for your body to defend and repair itself.

With the ease and convenience of fast food, microwaves, and with the majority of our meals being eaten on the go, how many of us actually take the time to eat balanced meals? MonaVie is a healthy alternative to fattening and unhealthy fast food. It offers a simple way to make sure that your body receives the most important dietary components: antioxidants. Antioxidants are natural chemicals that help keep you young and free of disease.

The bottom line is monavie is not a scam. It is a legitimate business opportunity for those who want to start their own business. Try it yourself and reap the benefits! Become a MonaVie Distributor and you can buy at wholesale prices!
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