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Mar 23, 2008
Thinking of marketing your website in the best possible way? Want to see your website high on search engine rankings? Well then you can always adopt one of the best ways that can help your website rank high in the search engines. All you need is back links - the more the better.

You are then definitely in search of the most convenient way to earn back links to your website. A great place to get your desired service is Wordsdeals (dot) com. Wordsdeals (dot) com, the "word supermarket" as it calls itself, helps to get you your desired traffic through the magic of one way back links. To get back links from this website, all you have do is search for the seed word, which represents your website, once you get it click on it and buy it. For every single letter, Wordsdeals (dot) com charges you $1 only.

Once you purchase your word on the site, a one-way backlink will be established through the word to your website. Well, you might wonder how can this get you high on search engines and earn you enough traffic. Then let get to the core of this. Backlinks, in fact, quality backlinks are significant for SEO success. As more and more backlinks are linked to you your website, you rank high on search engines. This is again one of the best SEO tactics, helping in marketing your website.

A backlink is placed when one webmaster exchanges links with some other webmaster. At Wordsdeals (dot) com you are invited to establish your backlink. Search engines consider one link on your site as one vote for you. Thus, with increased number of links, you get high number of votes and with more number of votes, your site rises in importance. The entire world of backlinks and direct links are connected through the 'link exchange'. As you place your link on a site; that very site places its link on your site. Now, once you start getting a good number of quality backlinks on your website, your site ranks high on the search engines.

The question that arises now is how can ranking high on search engines bring you enough traffic. Well while you are high on search engine, you have greater possibility of getting more traffic. A prospective customer while searching for a particular product or service searches through the website and possibly clicks to the website that appears on high rankings on a search engine. If your website appears on the first page of the search engine, there is the possibility of your website getting an increased number of traffic as compared to your competitors, if they are low on the search engine rankings.

A visitor visiting Wordsdeals (dot) com will get an access to a great number of words. If he is a prospective costumer and comes in search of particular word "oil", he can possibly go to that particular page, which is linked with the word "oil". Now, once he returns to the main page of Wordsdeals (dot) com and gets to see the huge sea of words, he might click to some other words he gets interested in. In this manner, Wordsdeals (dot) com brings to you the prospective customers in the simplest means.

Now, when a webmaster visits Wordsdeals (dot) com, he gets a sea of words and the established links with them. If he happens to visit your website and invites you to exchange links with his website, you are lucky enough to get a direct backlink from a fresh website. Thus, Wordsdeals (dot) com brings you dual benefit of finding you good traffic and building up good backlinks. In one way, you can drive traffic to your website and in the other; you can bring in work out a good "link exchange" network with other website. Obtaining backlinks is a time-consuming exercise, however, when you are already linked through a particular website, it becomes easier to get backlinks from other sites.

The best result of this program is the direct traffic that comes to your site. Before you rank high on search engines, you can get good traffic through Wordsdeals (dot) com. A person visiting Wordsdeals (dot) com is likely to visit your website, if he is looking for that particular word, which is reserved by you. Thus, with your word reserved on Wordsdeals (dot) com you can build up backlinks and boost up your search engine rankings and get free traffic, which means free money, once a customers buys your product.
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