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Wordpress Goldmine Review - Education

Mar 23, 2008
Is the decision to purchase Wordpress Goldmine the reason you are reading this? The need to educate people on how to blog has increased ever since blogging has been shown to be an additional source of income. The potential for increased organic traffic and higher search engine positions is the main reason for blogging increased popularity. Let's not waste anymore time and get right into the Wordpress Goldmine info.


Why Wordpress?

Wordpress from the beginner's perspective is one of the easiest blog platforms to use, administrate and set-up. All of that and it also provides a myriad of functions that will assist your blogging efforts. Making blogging as simple as possible was the Wordpress goal. And at the same time make the daily upkeep tasks and blog creation simple.

To illustrate this point you can create a wordpress blog right now. It will only take a few minutes to sign up for and get it created and running. Now you just need to know hot to start. Well it starts with a post. . .

Know What To Post

Since your blog is about one specific topic then you should reward your visitors by having on topic information waiting for them when they visit. Not to worry since Wordpress Goldmine will take you step by step on what post to make and where to find the information for them.

Remember for the income aspect of all of this you are in the phase of building reader loyalship and trust. By making interesting on topic posts consistently and timely you will build a following of readers. And then based on the monetization techniques mentioned in the book you can convert that traffic into sales.

Blog Monetization

There are multiple ways to accomplish this. They are summarized here:

1) Establish a central blog theme. By ensuring you have a waiting and hungry audience beforehand you can enhance your choice of blog theme before you get started.

2) Create trust and rapport. Best done by making on topic posts that are timely. These posts can also be related to your main topic.

3) Products and Services suggestions. Your suggestions should be trusted by your readers. This is best done by providing consistent valuable information and accurate suggestions your readers can use.


Wordpress Goldmine features were briefly covered in this article. From what you have read you can very easily see how having the actual information would benefit you more then the CLIFF NOTES version offered here. Your money and time will be saved by it's information on how to monetize your blogs, using the traffic plan given and cutting out novice blogging mistakes. If you are seeking more information on additional sources of income then we feel Wordpress Goldmine is an invaluable book. The resource box should be consulted for more information.
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James Redder facilitates a Wordpress Goldmine e-book. If the Wordpress Goldmine info was helpful, why not purchase the powerful info that will HELP you NOW? Goto Wordpress Goldmine .
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