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Educating yourself for wealth with Money Masters DVD Home Study

Mar 23, 2008
Many of us seek advice from those who are successful. If you want to learn to drive a race car, go see Richard Petty. If you want to learn golf, go call Tiger Woods. If you want to make money, you should study with the most successful people in the world. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack gives you the opportunity to do just that.

The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack is a home based educational program that offers you the most proven techniques from the most accomplished entrepreneurs at a fraction of the price of their private seminars and programs. The following are a sample of the educators included in the program.

Bob Proctor is recognized as a modern philosopher and continues the tradition of Earl Nightingale. He has been a successful business man for more than 40 years. He recognizes Andrew Carnegie as a philosophical mentor and bases many of his examples on him and other philosophical entrepreneurs. Long before the best selling book The Secret hit the top of the New York Times Best Seller List, Bob Proctor was espousing the value of the universal 'Law of Attraction'. Personal consciousness, spiritual satisfaction and financial success are all inter-related. Bob teaches the techniques and processes that have led to not only his financial success but very effectively teaches the process of self awareness and self determination that have led to his fortune. He currently earns several million dollars a year from his consulting firm and additional income from speaking engagements. He is extremely effective in communicating complex ideas in simple terms that can be executed by anyone and can help you reach the financial success you have always dreamed of.

Marshall Sylver is perhaps the greatest hypnotist of our time. Using his knowledge he has developed a series of successful subconscious reprogramming techniques to enhance your personal and professional life. He has appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, with Howard Stern, in Rolling Stone magazine and as a keynote speaker across the United States and Europe. He works with students on the balance and continuity of internal and external communication. His popular book The Secrets of Persuasion & Influence is highlighted in this series and he shares the secrets of subconscious selling. Stephen Pierce specializes in online marketing. A pioneer in applying direct marketing techniques to the online market place, he teaches traditional marketing but modified for the needs of the internet marketer. His popular book The Whole Truth, has been invaluable for thousands of internet entrepreneurs. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack includes these techniques and his 'mind mapping' philosophy for success.

Beware of the new pyramid schemes that promise instant wealth. Unlike other programs, the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight or even over the next couple of years. The majority of the success stories from the program are with people who initially experience moderate success that turns into a larger success and eventually financial security but it takes time and work. Any program that states otherwise is a scam. By receiving a variety of perspectives and teachings in one package you can save thousands over the cost of collecting this information separately. Try the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack today and join the thousands that have increased their personal and financial success.
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