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The Power Of The Team In Business

Mar 23, 2008
The power of using a team approach to coaching is that there is strength in numbers. Compare this to American Football. There is a coach that coordinates all the plays. There is a quarterback that guides the team to function as a unit. There are specialty players that each has their own individual strengths. Individually, they are just a player, as a team, they are a unit with a focus on a goal - to win.

In a business, this is the same. Each business owner could be seen as just a player, but when you add a coach and a resource team, you become a unit with a focus on a goal - to make money.

You might think that having your own home based business is easy to run on your own. You are responsible for the results and have a great deal of pride in what you have accomplished.

But consider this, what if you put together a team and started working with other people in the same working situation? What would you gain from this? Because people have different skills, interests and networks, they can combine all these talents into a powerful team that will guarantee a business' success. A team can achieve better results than the sum of the individual team members.

People get into affiliate marketing for one purpose - to make money. So why do 95% of affiliate marketers fail in the first year? There are so many books out there and so many testimonials on those that have succeeded, why is there such a high failure rate? Is it that they don't know how Affiliate Marketing works or is there a secret to success that only 5% learn? There are two reasons for this. The number one reason - People Give Up! This is not a career that you can just turn on and be successful overnight.

We have become an instant gratification society. We want it now. We don't have the patience or are unwilling to make the commitment to work at it. To be successful, you have to work at it. Will you make some mistakes? Yes. Are you willing to learn from those mistakes? Only you can answer that.

Working with a team will allow you to minimize and learn from any mistakes that you might make. We share our mistakes within the team so that our teammates don't have to learn from the same mistake. That is the POWER OF THE TEAM. Pick the brains of your team members and learn the best secrets to success in Affiliate Marketing there are.

Working with a coaching team opens ups a good opportunity to support each other in meeting plans and goals. It might be easy to make excuses to yourself on why you didn't make your goals for the week or the month, but if you have a coaching team; you have to explain it to them as well.

One of the greatest benefits with working with a coaching team is the fun of working with a group. Sharing the successes and working together on the failures. Think of a coaching team as a combination of a coach, players, and fans all rolled into one. Your success is the team's success and all member's of the team benefit. The POWER OF THE TEAM in BUSINESS - why would you try to do it on your own?
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Alisha Rice is a professional coach for Mastermind Pros Success School, a leader in online training. If interested in learning how to make an income online, check out the Clickbank Money Reaper eBook.
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