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Effective Network Marketing Training Uses Accelerated Learning

Mar 23, 2008
Books, seminars, and even most professional trainers still rely on listening and memorization as their main method for their students to retain what they teach. People learn while they are there, and some may even take notes. But unless this information is reviewed several times using the various methods to stimulate the senses, it will be forgotten.

The bottom line is, the teaching style of only listening and memorizing is out dated, boring, and is not the most efficient way to learn. In fact, it is very ineffective for the majority of people.

Today is a new day. Teachers and trainers need to catch on and start using more efficient techniques to teach their students. Accelerated learning practices don't just tell you the information; they engage you in the process. You learn with multiple senses and practice with various techniques.

These are some of the main effects of Accelerated Learning;

1) Both sides of your brain are being used simultaneously making it much easier to remember and truly understand new materials.

2) Learning and memory retention peaks when you are in a low pressure, positive, and fun learning environment.

3) You are interacting with others which not only elevates the energy and blood flow to the brain, but offers true memory retention!

There are several stages of learning that one must go through to fully grasp any concept. This is especially true in MLM because the last stage involves teaching. The quicker you can learn, and the more engaged you are in the learning process, the more likely you are to retain the information.

One good way to teach network marketing concepts through an accelerated learning technique is by using MLM The Game.

Through playing MLM The Game, players will benefit to learn the realities of network marketing, the keys to network marketing success, countless teachings from the best network marketing books, and players will do all this while growing themselves in a low pressure, friendly and FUN environment.

Each time played, MLM The Game acts as a new interactive experience that simulates growing a mlm business from beginning to end. During game play people will experience many ups, and most definitely some downs, just like real life. Players will need to set real business goals, talk about their "Why", and even be challenged throughout the game to make real life business calls.

MLM the Game will teach you, your team members, and your prospects through the 5 fundamentals of Network Marketing; Customer Acquisition, Recruiting, Team Building, Leadership, and Personal Growth.

The game enables you to see strengths and weaknesses in yourself and your team. If you are reacting or behaving a certain way in a game, you can bet you are doing the same things in real life. The areas where you struggle during the game, will be the areas you struggle in your business. The more you play, the more you will notice, and begin to improve.

Network Marketing is a business model that can be hard to grasp. MLM The Game simplifies this and allows beginners to understand this remarkable form of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it gives leaders an opportunity to connect with their team, and discover the best ways to help them succeed.

It has been proven by many teachers that when you are entertained, and involved in a training experience, rather than just told what to do you will absorb the lessons much quicker, and you will remember more. If it is through MLM The Game or some other means, start having fun with your training. Get creative, and let your team experience the realities of network marketing.

Here are some ideas for you;

1. Make your own card game about your product, make some questions T/F or multiple choice. Then get together with your representatives and play.

2. Find a good video on YouTube about mlm, then create some questions about it, and bring over a downline member, watch the video, and see if they can ace your test.

3. Flip the script, and give assignments like those above to your downline, so they have to create the test cards for you.

Keep having fun and good luck building your business!
About the Author
Anders Gustavsson
Infinite Synergy Learning Systems
The Infinite Synergy team developed MLM The Game, and has been involved helping home-business entrepreneurs build strong relationships and succeed faster through playing this game since 2003'. Please visit this network marketing training website at www.mlmthegame.com for details.
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