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How To Find Motivated Sellers In Real Estate Help Find Motivated Seller Leads

Mar 23, 2008
The best way to generate motivated seller leads is through the internet. Over 80 percent of people who need to sell their house turn to the internet to see their selling options. Over 80 percent! That is a very large number of people who are on the internet looking for the best way to sell their house fast, and the number is not going down.

So, what is the best way to get motivated seller leads? Have them contacting you to buy their house. If you can position yourself to be on the other end of the internet when they are researching the fastest way they can sell their house, you can not loose. Have your website targeted to your local area. If you do not have a website sign up for an inexpensive lead broker site. When you sign up for one of these sites you can be up and running in less than 24 hours and receiving motivated seller leads, because they are already on the first page.

Remember home sellers like to deal with people in their local area. With more and more stories in the news about home sellers being taken advantage of by real estate investors, you can not blame home sellers for wanting to deal with local people they can meet face to face. Even if you already have a direct mail marketing program or bandit signs, a website is a must. Home sellers will go to the web to check out your credibility before contacting you.

In my opinion lead broker sites are your best option when it comes to internet real estate leads. When you join a lead broker site you spread the cost of maintaining a website across many real estate investors. Real estate software lead broker websites spend an enormous amount of money, time and manpower to keep their sites at the top of the search engines.

As a note of caution, there are real estate software leads broker sites on the internet that charge a substantial amount of money for their service. Most will charge you a nonrefundable start up fee, in addition they will charge you a large monthly fee. My advice is to stay away from any lead broker site that charges you a sign up fee and large monthly fee. You have no idea where your large monthly fee is being spent and you are not in charge of your marketing dollars.

My advice is to sign up with a motivated seller lead broker site that allows you to manage your marketing dollars. Sign up with an inexpensive motivated seller real estate software lead website. Then start your own pay per click marketing campaign and free advertising. If you are waiting for a closing one month and your marketing funds are tight, you can pause your pay per click marketing campaign and start it up again the following month.

Also note that a pay per click marketing campaign will generate leads, but there are ways to get free motivated seller leads. Yes I said it, free real estate leads. Once you have a website that is optimized to capture motivated buyer and motivated seller leads you can use the website to generate free leads.
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The best lead broker site to get Motivated Seller Leads is MotivatedRealEstateLeads.com. You can sign up for a free account and be up and running in no time.
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