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Secrets To Link Building And Search Engine Optimization Revealed

Mar 23, 2008
It's tough to get ranked well on search engines, which is why many webmasters seek out search engine optimization services. But what many webmasters don't realize is that link building is much easier than most would think. In fact, there are secrets to link building that make the practice both safe and easy to perform- something webmasters will appreciate as successful results start pouring in.

Common Ways To Build Links

Before we get into the more serious and complex techniques, we'll start out small. The first way to build links fast without much effort or startup costs is to obtain forum signature links. Most forums allow for text links in signatures simply use this opportunity to plug your site in with the desired anchor text you are targeting as a keyword and watch your pages get crawled much faster!

Next, be sure to take advantage of social bookmarking. Resources such as Digg or StumbleUpon can provide thousands and thousands of backlinks. All that is necessary for this to occur is great content that visitors actually want to read- so don't expect to take advantage of social bookmarking without superior content.

Link building can also be achieved through YouTube put a link to your website in the description box. This will do two things; first it will give search engines another valuable backlink to crawl, and second it will draw thousands of visitors to your website if the video you upload becomes immensely popular.

Blog-Specific Link Building

Take advantage of the blogging crowd by searching for blogs that support DoFollow or Top Commentators plugins.

The DoFollow plugin will allow webmasters to leave a comment and link to their URL. Normally this would use the nofollow tag used by Google which means the URL won't be crawled. With the DoFollow plugin, the URL is crawled and SEO benefit will be achieved.

The Top Commentators plugin shows the users with the most comments, usually on a site-wide basis. This gives webmasters an easy site-wide link that would normally cost high dollar to obtain otherwise. The only drawback, of course, is that you will have to compete with others to get the most comments- which can take a lot of work.

Lastly, you may contact blog owners and ask them if they would mind if you did a guest blog. Guest blogs are blogs that a visitor writes, and includes links to their own website in the article in exchange for the content. This gives link building benefit to the guest blogger, but of course writing the article can take a good deal of time.

One can apply the three above methods to obtain EDU top level domain backlinks. These types of backlinks are said to be more valuable than other top level domains, since they are associated with learning institutions that care about quality links, not quantity. Although this isn't proven, that hasn't stopped thousands of webmasters seeking out EDU domains in which to post their links in some shape or form.

Final Thoughts on Link Building and Search Engine Optimization

Link building is something that can't be done in a short-term process. Some search engines like Google even penalize websites that obtain backlinks too quickly. In this case, be sure to space out your link building techniques to ensure your website is not blacklisted by Google. Keep up a daily schedule of link building, and your website will be propelled to the tops of search engine rankings in no time at all.
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