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Does Your Articles Have These 4 Important Things?

Mar 23, 2008
Articles are more important than ever to websites and web-based companies. Their influence on the success or lack of it for a site can be very great. They have emerged as one of the largest factors in driving traffic to websites, and website owners do well to incorporate them into their sites; this way they can reap the rewards of having such content.

It has been demonstrated that articles bring in additional traffic to websites. They also are a factor in increasing search engine rankings. The higher a site ranks, the higher it shows up in a list of results. Consequently, a higher ranked site receives more traffic. With more traffic comes more income and more opportunities.

You can't get these benefits by merely putting up lots of articles on your site at random. There are requirements you must meet to get the most out of having articles on your site. A good article will get people reading, and staying longer on your site. They are also likely to become return visitors if you have managed to provide them with content that is useful or informative. Your site may also get traffic through word of mouth this way and that's advertising no amount of money can buy.

Following are some hints on getting the most out of articles. There are four things your articles must have in order to maximize the benefit to you and your website.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases.

An article must be built around certain keywords or key phrases. Some visitors may just sort of stumble onto your site, but most have arrived there in the course of looking for something specific. This is generally as the result of searching for a specific phrase (say, tax lawyer, or cookie recipe). It could be almost anything.

What you'll need is articles containing keywords that relate to what your site is about. If your site is about automotive parts, you'll want articles about cars and parts, obviously. There are tools out there which can assist you in figuring out what keywords and phrases are more commonly searched for. Use these results to decide what keywords to build articles around.

Keyword Density

Once you've figured out which key words and phrases to use, you have to make the most of them. For search engines to find your article, they have to have a high enough keyword density. To rank high in results, an article should have somewhere between 10-15% keyword density and increasing ranking is one of the reasons you want articles on your site in the first place.

Keyword density is the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase is used in a given article. It is measured as a percentage, so the exact number of times a keyword or phrase must be used depends on the length of the article. To have the maximum impact, you should not over stuff articles with the keyword too many and you have an article which is difficult to read, and will likely come off as awkward or stilted. Too low of a density though, and the search engines might pass your site by.

Good Article Content

As just mentioned, you can't overuse your keywords. Remember, you want actual humans to read these articles, not just search engine spiders. Make your articles fun to read and informative. Grammar and spelling are as important here as hey are anywhere else.

Facts get people to notice your articles. Get a lot of information and facts into your articles, and people will want to read them. Quality articles will begin to build you a following and a good reputation, which bodes well for your business.

Linking Articles

This should go without saying, but it is surprising how often this is forgotten by website owners if you submit articles to other websites, newsletters, etc. ALWAYS include a link to your site in the article. Place a resource box containing a description of your site, and a link after your articles. If your article gets someone's attention, they will more than likely want to visit your site.
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