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Are You Part of the Majority?

Aug 17, 2007
The majority rules. Being outside of the majority has been known to be down right disastrous.

But only in appearance. In reality, it is the majority which is failing.

Let's have a look at it in a statistical way:

The majority of people are dead or dead broke at age 65. About 95 % to be exact, fall in one of those categories. That is a fact; they are either dead or are working or are living on some kind of public aid.

Over 60 % of Americans are overweight and even obese.

The vast majority of people are sick at age 50 and are under constant medical care and on one or more drugs and getting sicker and sicker, while a small minority hardly ever visit the doctor and use natural preventative measures and common-sense good lifestyle.

The majority of people are being logical and evaluate their options before acting and yet, they fall also in the above 'broke and sick' category.

The majority of people ask for references from others who have used the particular service they are about to buy, when yet it has proven to be a false security and not at all guarantee a good purchase - the majority of the time! What is a good purchase or investment for one person may not be that way for another!

The majority of doctors run their practice the old way, the way doctors did it 50 years ago. They do not start a second business (marketing) and run it with the same professionalism and the same tenacity as their practice. And of course the majority of doctors are not reaching the dreams with which they set out.

The majority of people want to make very sure that the things they do, the purchases they make, are for sure paying off for them. They want security in all they do. They want others to take all responsibility in that others must guarantee that what they are buying is bringing them all they expected (and more in most cases).

Most people want to find new but proven ways of making money, such as investing in a new stock but they usually wait till it has proven to make money, at which point of course the big money-making will be over. Yet the few people who make almost all the money around the world are the ones who make courageous decisions and bet on something new and unproven, but which somehow makes sense to them.

The majority of people want to compulsively hold on to whatever they have made so far and never want to decrease their income for even a little bit and thus they miss out on most of the opportunities (and become once again part of the 95 % dead broke ones).

So why is it that most people want to be part of the majority when they clearly see that it is the out-of-the-box guy who makes it? Never mind that he makes it financially and health wise, but he also has more fun.

Maybe that is another reason why he is healthy: he has fun - he has no time to get sick!

Anyhow, there seems to be a tendency of constantly justifying the action of participating with the majority for short-term gain, or for short time security, or for short time survival.

Maybe it is fear of losing what they already have, maybe it is fear of looking like a fool in front of a friend, maybe it is laziness, and maybe it is the inability to experience any kind of discomfort.

And for any reason, whichever it might be, this fellow forfeits a whole life of excitement and fulfillment, which comes along with becoming successful.

No matter how many tears one sheds walking the way one envisions, they will be little and mild compared to the hardship of a life without reaching for one's goal with all you got.

The saying 'go for broke' has been associated with successful people since eons.

As someone, probably many, once said: "I am so successful because I have failed so much."

I hope that this issue will help you to be yourself and to do whatever makes your heart go seventy miles an hour, and keeps you awake because of excitement. Because let's be honest, all this being careful, and making decisions based on logic and all the 'making sure that you won't lose' what you have, simply does not get you excited.

And if there ever was miracle medicine for health and wealth all in one then it must be excitement.

Here is to some excitement and to total success! Let's not be in the majority.
About the Author
Helmut Flasch is a marketing consultant who uses Un-advertising rather than the traditional advertising methods. Find out more information about his marketing strategy at Un-Advertising Info.
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