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There Has To Be A Better Way - I'm Tired Of Writing Articles!

Mar 24, 2008
Running a website or web based business requires articles these days if you want to be successful. Any website owner worth his or her salt can tell you this. People who spend a lot of time online also know this. People like informative, well written articles, and are more likely to spend time or to re-visit a site which can offer them. There are benefits of having this sort of content for the site owner as well as to visitors.

Articles can get your site higher in search engine rankings if they contain the right keywords and keyword phrases in appropriate densities which relate to the site. Visitors will also be drawn in by articles, whether as the result of a web search, or a link to your site in an article published elsewhere. Articles increase consumer confidence in your site and any product or service it offers.

Articles can be a good thing for both site owner and traffic to the site. Readers tend to tell friends and family about sites containing good articles, thus generating more traffic for your website. And if your traffic has come to trust you based on the high quality of your content, you're going to have a much easier time selling to these visitors who you have established a sort of relationship with.

As we see, articles are vital to the success of your website and your business. Articles can give your site a leg up on the competition and get your site noticed. There is one problem, however: Not many people actually enjoy writing these articles.

A lot of site owners would rather be doing something, anything else. If you're not a large company, you don't likely have an in-house copywriting department. Stealing articles from elsewhere is not only unethical, but can even bear legal consequences.

So what's a website owner to do?

If you don;t like writing articles and you haven't got the resources to contract this work out, there are free articles out there for the taking. There are many public domain (that is to say, uncopyrighted) articles this will spare you the embarrassment and/or legal trouble associated with being caught in plagiarism.

Public domain articles are available for anyone to use for any purpose. However, you may or may not have trouble finding one that is relevant to the contents of your website.

Since these articles are open for use by any and all comers, your competition could also use them. Even within a narrow industry, you'll want your site and it's content to be unique. You can, of course edit these articles to increase keyword or keyword phrase density, as well as making them not word-for-word to the original.

You could also get sites that are similar to yours to submit articles to yours. This should only be used to add a little extra content, since these articles will almost certainly contain links to other sites. For this reason, you'll want to create your own content; then you can submit them to other sites with links to your own site.

The best way to go about this is to get original content written for you by a skilled article writer who specialize in writing for the web. You can get your articles written by someone who understands the use of keywords and keyword phrases. best of all, many of these writers charge only minimal fees for these articles.

The money you invest in having content produced for you is well worth it. There are any benefits to having interesting and original content on your site, and as a website owner it would be foolish not to take advantage of them. You'll be able to use these articles anyway you see fit; you will hold the copyrights. Articles will help your site and your business to grow.
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