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Partners Can Direct You To Powerful Trends That Build Profits

Mar 24, 2008
How do you choose your partners? Chances are that you primarily consider their ability to help you execute your plans. That's a good idea.

Partners can also do more than that? They can be a window into places you cannot go on your own. In choosing partners, keep that vantage point value in mind.

Partners are also an important source of information about the identity and direction of irresistible forces. Perhaps a partner does more business than your company does in another part of the world where irresistible forces come into play sooner.

For instance, the best way to see the future of outsourced overseas software development is to visit India, where this activity has become a major industry supplying companies around the world.

Working with partners also exposes your business to more irresistible forces. Global operations increasingly consist of large numbers of partnerships to accomplish specific purposes.

The irresistible forces that make such partnerships necessary are the rapid development of an interlinked world economy, the formation of rival alliances using partnership forms of competition, and effectiveness needs that exceed the capabilities of any one organization. Even Coca-Cola, the global soft drink powerhouse, is heavily dependent on their partnerships with local bottlers, in which the Atlanta giant often has significant investments.

Partners also provide useful perspectives into operating a global enterprise where local irresistible forces differ. The partners reflect and respond to the local cultures and values while integrating with a worldwide organization that operates in a highly effective way.

Partnership structures are complicated by two other irresistible forces: the needs for a common purpose and effective communication. A partnership-driven enterprise is much harder to make work than any other form of organization because any partner can scuttle the foundations of success.

For instance, each partner is probably going to have to contribute some key people and important information. If a partner loses interest, or priorities change in that business, the partnership may soon dissolve due to a lack of commitment and an inconsistent direction.

Operating a partnership is more like running a voluntary organization primarily staffed with volunteers, like Habitat for Humanity, than running an ordinary business. You have to keep attracting everyone's attention and support in order to succeed. Some say that the partnership organizational form is itself an irresistible force that every enterprise needs to master in order to prosper.

Which partners could you add that would give you the most insight into future trends?
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