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Blog - Five Easy Ways To Get Readers For Your Blog

Mar 24, 2008
If you're a new blogger, creating a blog is easy. However, gaining a regular readership can be a challenge.

You knew there had to be a catch, right?

Here are three reasons your blog struggles to acquire an audience:

* Your blog is new (any blog less than 12 months old is by definition "new")

* You're not promoting your blog

* You're not writing the content readers want

OK, so that's the situation.

Now let's look at five easy ways you can remedy that and get readers.

1. Write articles for the article directories

There are hundreds of article directories online. These directories exist for a simple reason - the articles they publish are free advertising for the writers of those articles.

Advertising is the easiest way to get traffic to your blog.

Advertising is expensive. But it works. However the big problem with advertising is that when you stop advertising, your traffic stops. Articles however, stay online forever - so an article you wrote three years ago is still providing (free) advertising for you today.

Begin a program of writing articles to promote your blog. The more you write, the more traffic your blog will get.

2. Become active on forums related to your blog's topic

This tactic is super-easy, and fun too. However, remember that on a forum, you're not allowed to blatantly promote your blog. Use the signature line in your forum messages to provide a link to your blog - don't advertise it in any other way.

Over time as you become a trusted member of the forum, forum members will visit your blog.

3. Offer to guest-blog on established blogs

This solution works because all bloggers are looking for fresh content, and creating that content takes time. Offer to guest-blog on an established blog in your topic. You'll usually get an acceptance, and you can get an easy link to your own blog, and new readers.

4. Create a newsletter for your blog

Treat your blog as a business, which is what it is, if you hope to make money blogging.

As a business, you exist to serve customers. Your readers are your customers. Create a newsletter for your readers to keep them coming back to your blog.

Since your blog has an RSS feed, there are tools online which will turn your RSS feed into a newsletter automatically, without any effort on your part.

5. Pay attention to keywords in your blog's topic

Over time, you'll get the most traffic to your blog directly from the Web search engines, like Google. On my established blogs, 90 per cent of the traffic comes from the search engines.

So how does that traffic arrive? It arrives because people type keywords into the search query field in one of the search engines.

Since the Web search engines are essentially indexing software, they index your blog's content. If your content contains the keywords typed in by searchers, your blog's posts will appear in the search query results and you'll get traffic.

So use the keywords which searchers use in your blog posts.

There are many keyword tools online which will help you to find good hight-traffic keywords.

So there you have it - five easy ways to get traffic for your blog. Happy blogging!
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Angela is a professional blogger who's been blogging since 2001. Her blogging ebook has a companion blog, the Blogging for Dollars Blog, which gives you many blogging tips.
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