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The 7 Essentials of Successful Websites

Mar 24, 2008
If you want your website to succeed and become a powerful lead-generating tool for your business then you need to ensure that you have these important bases covered.

1) A site that can grow with you

You will rapidly outgrow a site that offers you a fixed number of pages. Although you may think that 5-10 pages is sufficient now you will quickly find that it is nowhere near enough.

Once you read all about implementing a marketing strategy to build your online business you will discover that you will need a site that is flexible and can grow with you. With all this content you also need a content management system (CMS) in place otherwise you'll be swamped by the complexity of creating and linking static html pages. A good CMS is as easy to use as an office program and can create, manage and publish your content.

Instead you need a solution that offers this level of flexibility, scalability and the choice of two leading content management systems.

2) A quick start then the stamina for the long term

Many hosting and website companies offer a quick start solution to get you online quickly but then leave you high and dry. The problem is these quick start solutions where you select a template and build your site in minutes lack two of the most important ingredients that a website should have - content and customers.

Instead you need a solution that offers both a quick start solution backed up by a long term strategy to build a winning website.

3) Arm yourself with the knowledge you'll need

Most small businesses that create a website are doing so for the first time. Unfortunately, the majority of companies in this market only seem to care about one thing - getting your cash.

Instead you should look for a solution that offers you free information and email courses that explain all that you need to know about setting up, designing and marketing your new website.

4) A marketing strategy = Getting customers

To survive your website needs customers. Not hits, or traffic, or any other vague term used by lesser companies but actual customers that buy your product or service.

You need help to realise your passion and analyse your customers so that you can build and implement and successful marketing strategy.

5) Building on sales so that they're the beginning not the end

The secret of long term success is to regard a sale as the beginning and not the end of the process. By using "back end marketing" you can nurture your existing customers and turn them into regular clients that buy from you for years to come.

You should get help to create and implement a back end marketing campaign to nurture your website visitors.

6) Passionate support

No matter how skilled you are or how much time you dedicate to creating your website it is almost inevitable that you will need some help. Unfortunately, so few hosting and website companies offer support, and if they do, it is usually only technical support.
Instead you must have the combination of technical, design and marketing support.

7) The chance to upgrade

Too many hosting and website companies offer a "one size fits all" approach to creating a website. You create your quick start, fixed page website and that is that.

You need to develop and upgrade your website as your business grows. You need to invest in your website success or get additional help with graphics and additional functionality whenever you need it.
About the Author
Jon Beal, MD of Netflare, has recently launched www.businesswebfactory.com that offers you the complete website start-up solution and a 7 week email course to guide you through everything you need to know to build long term success. you through everything you need to know and articles and further email courses unlock the marketing secrets that will build long term success.
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