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The Start Of A Beautiful Network Marketing Business!

Mar 24, 2008
Okay, so you've signed up a new Distributor and they're ready to get started. They're excited and they just want to get out there and tell the world! They tell their family, close friends, neighbours, everybody! And after 2-3 days, nothing! Why didn't anyone respond? Not to worry - it's a common scenario in many multi-level businesses. You send off a load of emails, send out a few letters, phone a few people, design a new leaflet and nothing comes of it.

Here are 3 things that your new distributors need to consider from the beginning of their Network Marketing businesses:

1. To learn the ropes - you shouldn't be just letting them loose straight away! They need to learn effective techniques of customer and distributor gathering, right from the start.

They need to know how to approach customer and distributor prospects in the correct manner. One way to do this is to go on the company's official training (if any is available) - but get a commitment before they join, that they will attend the official training.

Set up a meeting with them straight away, as soon as they've joined, and find out exactly the reasons why they have joined. Also, help them work out a plan, and set some goals, so they can achieve these objectives and actually get what they want from the business.

Go with them to see a prospect and let them see how you do it. After all, they've been telling people everything they know about the company, which isn't a lot frankly. Why not? Because they've only just joined!

2. Focus on your prospect

Most advertising that we see around us is institutional - it focuses on the company, the product features and benefits, etc. Branding is a form of institutional advertising - TV advertising of brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds- trying to fill your mind with constant messages.

The same can happen in Network Marketing. Whether you are looking for customers or distributors, the mistake is to talk about or promote your business with a message that focuses on the above. If you do not focus solely on your prospect, it's institutional. For example, you might focus on the company, the compensation plan, the services, the rates, etc.

You must focus on your prospects, on their desires. What they want should take
priority over what you or the company wants. So, find out what they want in life, want they want from your business and tell them 'what's in it for them'! A good idea is to keep a record of their dreams for future use - so you can remind them why they started the business in the first place.

3. Don't use hype!

You've just started a business and one of the main things you need to establish is some credibility. Now, some of you may already have a credible reputation with a bricks and mortar business or through your employment. Others might have to start building credibility through their new home based business. Either way, it's important not to go making outlandish claims about your product or your opportunity. If it's good, you won't need to anyway.

Now, the internet is a useful tool for reaching lots more people then ever before, but unfortunately, the result is that some people hype up claims in their adverts. Some are obvious but many adverts can be subtle. For instance, "never sell anything" might appeal to a lot of people who don't like selling, but in truth, all business involves selling.

Another example is: "we'll do all the work for you" - now, if this was the case then there would be no need to sponsor anybody. Don't use hype like this because it can be detrimental to the industry. People have to have a reason to start a business, to want to join the MLM industry on their own terms. We just have to find people with a reason, who want to join and who want to work for their own futures.

So, be realistic with the people you talk to, in your adverts and don't hype up your claims...
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