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The Power Of The Web 2.0 Buzz Group

Mar 24, 2008
So what exactly is a buzz group as far as internet marketing goes?

Well, it's a group of friends who want to help each other achieve greater success than one could achieve alone. In general it means that when you put up a website, you tell your friends to go visit it. They do that and they tell their friends about the site.

But with Web2.0 marketing tactics and powerful social marketing available to us now, the concept of a buzz group goes even further. If you have a group of a few friends in internet marketing you can ask them to visit your new site and social bookmark it to a couple social bookmarking sites. If you have a Squidoo lens up you can ask that group of friends to go there and log into their account and rate your lens.

This is a great way to start a "buzz" about your new web site. It gets the search engines looking at your site when it has no page rank or traffic.

Of course building a list and on page SEO and off page optimization are vital. But all that takes a lot of time and effort. Lots of it.

Most of all you need one way links to your new baby. But getting them the normal way is frustrating. You email webmasters and ask for a link, or do a three way link, and well, it is necessary, but pretty darn frustrating.

When you're just getting started with a site you need immediate results. You need traffic, and you don't want to wait for the search engines to catch on to how beautiful your work is. That's where a buzz group can help. Each social bookmark your friends place gives you a link back to your site from a high PR social bookmarking site.

The larger your buzz group, the more one way links you'll receive. It's really pretty simple. You'll get good results with a buzz group of 5-10 friends, but imagine the links you'll get with 50 or 100 buzz group members. Imagine the page rank boost and the traffic. Something to think about.

Just have a system in place that prevents all those bookmarks from arriving at the same time. It has to be a drip effect. You can't ask 50 members to bookmark your site one day, and then nobody bookmarks it the next. That looks fishy. You have to get some members to bookmark the site today, some tomorrow and some the next day, etc. And you have to make it very simple for your buzz group members, or they will drop out.

That takes a lot of planning. And you definitely don't want to post a list of member URLS on a website and have them all click on the links to bookmark them. If you do that, then all the bookmarks will be originating at the same web page, and the search engines won't like that. Some social bookmarking sites might even ban you or delete those bookmarks. Be careful, and you can put the power of a buzz group into action for you and your friends.
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Amy Hutton is a longtime internet marketer who lives and works in sunny south Florida. Visit her at http://www.MyBuzzGroup.com
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