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6 Ways to Dress Up Your Home Party Demonstration

Mar 24, 2008
When giving home party demonstrations as a direct sales consultant, a little "dressing up" goes a long way. By adding a little color, flavor and pizazz to your demo, you can increase sales, date more shows, and add more customers to your database.

In addition to a friendly, approachable personality and a neat and tidy appearance, these following tips can help you dramatically.

1.Use Lapboards
Instead of handing your guests an ordinary catalog and order form as they walk in the door, surpass their expectations by handing them an attractive consultant lap board.

A lap board is sometimes a decorative clip-board, other times a hard notebook. Some are company specific, while others are generic and dressed up by the consultant. Inside the lapboard, put your catalog, monthly sales flier, order form, any incentives, and a pen.

2.Add Stickers
Stickers are fun, inexpensive, and can really draw attention to a product or opportunity.

Before placing your catalogs into your lapboards, go through each catalog or monthly flier and highlight specials or items you will be demonstrating. Do this for 3-4 items.

You may also want to put a sticker about your opportunity or hostess plan on the front of your catalog.This will increase the sales of these specific products as customers can find them easily and notice them in your catalog.

3.Shout Your Specials
You want your specials and your opportunity to leap out at your customers. Include a flier in your consultant lap boards about specials. These can be company sponsored specials, or specials that you are offering your customers.

They might be for the entire month, or specifically for those attending the demonstration. Make sure this flier is noticeable and attractive.

Another way to shout your specials is to invest in a small tabletop sign holder. These plastic holders hold a regular 8 x 11 sheet of paper. Make up a small sign about your specials or opportunity and display it on your demo table.

4.Display Your Items
When displaying your products, there are a few things you need to do to make them pop out to your customers.

First, make sure that you bring your own table to your hostess's home. This way you can set out your preconceived display with ease. You will also want to make sure that you cover your table with a tablecloth, be it company specific or a more generic one.

Your products should be placed on your table at varying heights, either by placing one product on top of another or using simple plastic display stands. You should also have accessories on your table that will make your products more appealing, but that your company does not offer.

For example, if your company offers a line of bath and body products, you may choose to include a candle with your display of bubble bath to give your customer an idea of how to use the product, even if your company does not sell candles.

5.Pick a Theme
When you choose a theme for your demonstration, it makes your show run smoothly and makes it fun for your guests. The more fun they have, the more money they will spend and the more likely they will choose to date a demo from you.

Following a theme makes party planning more convenient as well. Your snacks, games, samples, and list of products to demo will revolve around the specific theme you have chosen.

Have a book with a list of themes available for guests to look at during the demonstration. They will be more likely to book a show if they find a theme that they would enjoy.

6.Dress Up Your Samples
Adding a little ribbon, a cello bag, or accessories to your samples or giveaways will make customers appreciate them more. Instead of giving them a freebie, you have given them a gift, which is psychologically more valuable.

Utilizing these simple methods of dressing up your direct sales home party demonstrations can help you reach your party sales goals faster. Guests will have fun, your hostess will have fun, and you will be making more and furthering your business.
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Rayven Perkins is a 7 year direct sales representative. Her site http://www.direct-sales-supplies.com offers game ideas, tips, and hard to find consultant supplies for all distributors in the party plan industry.
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