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A Career In Information Brokering

Mar 24, 2008
All that you need to make substantial profits in information brokering is an Internet connection and a computer. Besides these, if you also have the ability and the know-how to perform adequate research on various, different subjects and topics, you can attract lots of clients.

Information brokering is a worthwhile niche in the vast information and marketing industry. It is indeed a lucrative business for all information brokers, since a sector of the marketing industry specializes in finding and marketing the required information.

What Brokers Do

Information brokering is composed of information marketers who sell books, reports, newsletters, tapes, CDs, DVDs and information on various, different topics. Every business needs reliable and instructional information in order to market their products and services and keep their customers satisfied. This is where information brokering comes in. Information brokers provide a vast array of authoritative and accurate information from issues of everyday life to multi-day seminars.

Information brokering companies who sell such information, first need to thoroughly research on the desired topics and then assemble it into saleable formats. Information brokers help the direct marketing companies by doing the research in order to find the information these companies are seeking.


Ghostwriting, article writers and researchers are all information brokers and apt at providing information brokering services. Ghostwriters are good at compiling full length reports and articles. Although they get paid for the job all at once, a company can recruit an efficient ghostwriter time and again to write a book or report. A ghostwriter may be assigned the responsibility of writing for multiple projects. An article writer is also very much similar to ghostwriter.

Just like a ghostwriter, an article writer also does the necessary research in order to write an article. This article, which is then bought, may be used for various purposes including web pages, information in search engines, or for any other purpose deemed useful. Informational articles written by article writers and used as web pages can be used to earn a decent living.


Besides, ghostwriters and article writers, researchers are also considered as information brokers. Often, companies that need information on their new products and services recruit personnel to do research in order to provide their customers with the necessary and useful information. In these cases, the hired researchers need to perform a thorough and adequate research on the current market conditions, the competitors and their products and services, the demand and supply for the product, demographics and other relevant factors. The researchers need to assemble their findings in a report. The valuable information in the compiled report is then used by the company in order to evaluate if their innovative idea product or service is feasible and viable enough to be launched into the market.

Information Brokering and You

Information brokering can prove to be quite a tricky affair initially; but with time, as information brokers get the hang of it, they learn to make the right choice of service from the different researches like online, document delivery, or public records. In addition to these, manual and telephone research are also a part of information brokering services. Before selecting an information brokering service, make sure they have experience in the product that you need information on. To do this, you can go through a few of their samples and contact some more information brokering services before you finally decide on one.
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