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Article Writing and Affiliate Marketing

Mar 24, 2008
You're probably asking yourself how article writing can help you. You might even be saying to yourself, "what this affiliate marketing is all about?" So let us begin with a basic understanding affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission when you help to sell a product. Article writing is just another way you can help sell a product.

The first thing you need to do is to you to choose a reliable affiliate network. Affiliate network is a platform where businesses seek affiliates to help them sell their products. The merchants of a product will choose their publishers and pay them based on their performance. Once you have done this, you will then want to sign up as an affiliate to sell this particular product.

The main requirements are to make your article sell are to write a quality article, to create a perfect resource box to accompany the article, and then to post it or to publish it. Hopefully you are already familiar with some basic article writing tips. You may already be a good writer with tons of experience. So here are some basics you need to know about what a resource box is.

The resource box is a small box at the end of the article which is filled with information about the author. Never neglect this and you will always want to make this a mandatory part of your article writing. Here are some important items which should be included in your resource box.

- Your name: This is the by far the most important item. You may want to include your name with your title as an option.
- Your website address: Always include a valid URL, such as "www.examplewebsite.com"
- Your slogan: A slogan is a 2-3 sentence synopsis about you and your product that says to the person "Read me!". Make sure the slogan you select is unique. This is also commonly referred to as your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
- Your call to action: Use powerful words to steer them to your website. For example, you may want to write 'To know more about this product (subject) visit XYZ.com.'
- Your contact information: Always be sure to include valid data (i.e., your telephone number and contact address). Remember, once your article is published it is extremely difficult if not impossible to retract.

The following is a list of some dos and don'ts about article writing:

- Don't diminish your website by posting a large number of irrelevant URLs.
- Don't let your article writing go off subject. Stay focused on the product. Try not to write too much about your accomplishments. Nobody really cares or wants to know. Instead, focus on the benefits your article can accrue to the reader.
- Always keep your resource box short and no more than one-fifth of your article size.

Article writing is an extremely powerful tool to boost your market strategy. Do yourself a favor and write articles for affiliate marketing and you will certainly enhance your brand image.
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