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Moms Can Work From Home and Make Money

Mar 24, 2008
Many mothers are in the workforce due to financial necessity. It often takes two incomes for families to make ends meet these days. If they had a choice, a number of moms would rather work from home with their children nearby. This isn't the only reason why working from home makes sense for moms; it does make good economic sense, too!

Work Related Expenses

Mothers with young children who work outside the home have many expenses. The first expense that comes to mind is likely the cost of childcare. Whether the children are going to day care or being looked after by a provider in their own home, the cost can be a significant part of the family budget.

Transportation is another cost associated with working outside the home. If the woman drives back and forth in her own vehicle, she needs to pay for gas, oil, insurance, and repairs. Taking public transportation is another option, but she will need to buy tickets or a monthly bus pass.

Clothing appropriate for the workplace is another cost associated with going out to work. Unless the employer provides a uniform, the working mother will need to buy clothes and make sure they are in good repair. She may need to have some items dry-cleaned, which will add to the bill. The cost of miscellaneous items like panty hose and cosmetics need to be factored in as well.

When a mother also works outside the home, the family will likely eat more prepared and take out foods. Cooking from scratch is less expensive, but more time consuming, and a lot of the time, convenience is more important than cost at the end of the working day when everyone in the family is tired.

Advantages to Moms Working from Home

If a mother is able to stay at home with her children, she saves on childcare and transportation costs. Unless she needs to meet with clients, she doesn't need to have a full wardrobe of work clothes.

Working from home can give a mother some flexibility in her work hours. Depending on what type of work she is doing, she can choose to work early in the morning or in the evening, rather than a strictly 9 to 5 schedule. Consumption of take out and prepared foods may not be eliminated, but the family will probably be eating more meals prepared from scratch.

If working mothers sat down and worked out how much it costs them to work outside the home, they may be in for a shock. Having these numbers in hand may make them want to consider finding a way to earn an income without leaving the house.
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