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Let's Compare Affiliate Marketing with Network Marketing

Mar 24, 2008
Affiliate marketing, Multi-Level Marketing networks, network marketing, multi-tier affiliate marketing, and others. If you are totally confused about the differences between them, then after reading this article, you have a much better understanding of what each means and which one is the best one for your business.

A lot of people question if they be involved with affiliate marketing or network marketing. Of course, an affiliate marketer will most likely convince you that their type of marketing is the best way to go. However, If you ask a network marketer, he will tell you that theirs is the best option to consider of the two. Both programs have their advantages and disadvantages, but both of them can make you wealthier.

Let's discuss affiliate marketing first. This type of marketing requires selling products or services for someone else, and as a result , you would get some commission from each sale. The commission will often vary with each company you are selling for. In most cases, all you need to do is promote or advertise their particular product and your responsibility ends. Generally the owner of the product handles the shipping procedure, customer service and other similar services. Therefore you only have to worry about selling the product.

Network marketing is a little different. With network marketing, you make money both on the sales that you make directly, but you also get paid when the people below you sell something. In this type of arrangement, the number of levels differs from company to company. The thought of making money on other people's work most certainly appeals to many. This explains why network marketing is such a popular business.

Up to this point it may seem that network marketing is sounds better than affiliate marketing. On the contrary however, when you look at the actual profit being made in both the cases, you will most likely find that it varies considerably. Typically profits are quite high when involved in affiliate sales.

If you plan to make your network marketing successful, you would be required to do many more things, not just sell the product. You can only be profitable if you consistently motivate the people working below your level to make sales. In addition, you must teach them how to help the people under their level sell more. Therefore, your roll your involved in network marketing is to be a salesperson, teacher, as well as a motivator. So if you enjoy teaching, working with people, and inspiring them then network marketing is probably your area of interest.

Affiliate marketing, unlike network marketing, will not depend on your ability to sway friends and family to invest their money by joining levels under you. You don't want to worry about having to motivate or teach other people how to make sales, so this might be a better choice for you. With affiliate marketing you would need only to concern yourself with what YOU would have to do to make money and how to motivate yourself.

In either case, whether you choose network marketing or affiliate marketing; you will be making a decision that has the potential of making you plenty of money. Both will require you to be ready to put the time and effort needed in it. It can be a win-win situation for everyone.
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