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Is A Home Business Challenge A Good Or Bad Thing?

Mar 24, 2008
We hear of challenges and problems, and we want them to go away. For the true entrepreneur challenges stem from problems, and for a business person, a challenge is opportunity.

A laboring job is one of the easiest to get, you simply have to use your physical being. There is no need or room to use your mind. It is a laboring man who soon says such things as having bad memory, etc. When you do not use your mind, you can not excel.

Turn to a highly paid executive, and you will find the opposite. His or her job is simply - use your mind! Whereas the laborer is one who uses 100% physical, the highly paid executive is one which uses 100% mental.

This is fascinating when looked at, but why look at these 2 types of job and career, when considering the benefits of a good home business challenge? Challenges stem from problems, but what problems?

A person wants to go from home to work, they need a car, someone wants a burger, to fulfill there needs for nutrition and energy, yet another wants to go to the other side of the world, and how is it going to be done? You may be now saying, why does not the person go and get a car, a burger, and a flight to wherever they want to go to?

At some point in time, these available necessities were distant dreams. The car, the fast food, and the airplane were none existent in the world at some point in time. This makes them problems, and problems are great for you. No one wants to handle problems; they would rather have someone else do it. This is where opportunity is born for the business minded.

Many people who get into business and fail have missed a fundamental part. Ok, many business failures may have hundreds of different excuses to why the business failed, but this still is a big consideration. People always look out for number #1. Whether it is the healer healing the sick, because it makes them feel good to heal, the restaurant who makes great food for people, because it makes him feel good or the person wanting to become a millionaire.

Here is where the problems begin with business failures. Most of the time a business is started because, I had an idea, I want freedom or I want to get rich. No one wants to give you those things, but they will willingly give it to the person who fulfills there needs. If you can help enough people get what they want, you will be enabled to get what you want.

So, successful business stems from finding peoples problems and fixing it. The belly is empty and food is required now. A short trip to McDonalds, and you almost instantly, have a meal! Wow! You want to go around the world. In the past it would have been called a pilgrimage, and would have taken many years. Thanks to the Wright brothers invention, we can see worldwide, they satisfied a need. A problem, had a challenge (the commercial airline), and was met by opportunistic capitalists, and entrepreneurs who invested billions to make it possible. A look in the sky will testify this fact!

Yes, the problems have changed. People want to go faster, they want faster airplanes, and want extra features on there iPod, but it is still the basic, I have a problem. Great, you have given me a challenge, and will be met, by me taking action on this opportunity. All leading entrepreneurs operate with this kind of thinking. Whether it is a challenge in your own business or a challenge to fix peoples problems - a problem always comes with a solution.
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