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3 Great Ideas To Earn Money Without A Job

Mar 24, 2008
The older I get, the less I seem to know. Yet, ideas to earn money come to me fast and furious, and since I cannot use them all, I would like to share some of them with you. Hopefully you will resonate with at least a couple of them. So go ahead. Look through these and see if you can find any useful ideas you can apply in your spare time.

Idea number 1 - Sell Web Hosting Service

This idea is not just an online venture. There is so much competition online that you will just not be able to compete without lots of expertise and deep resources. The best way to do this is to register as a reseller with a hosting company such as gator host. They will give you lots of space for less than $30 a month. Divide up this space into smaller accounts and then sell this locally to small businesses near you who do not have a website. It is easier to target small business owners, not just any individual.

To make this work, you may have to throw in some incentive such as website design, monetization of the sites, and perhaps some other incentives such as automatic submission of each site to directories and search engines. Do not forget that you could also buy the domain name on behalf of each client, and later on you can sell that same domain name back to each client, especially when the domain gets some traffic and back links.

Idea number 2 - Write Articles for Others

There are many online entrepreneurs such as myself who need fresh articles on a variety of subjects on a regular basis. You can write those articles for people like me and sell them. There are several ways to do this. You could write a bunch of articles and sell to a limited number of people, say around 50 people and each person would pay you a discounted price for a bunch of articles. For example, you may charge around $25.00 for a bunch of 10 articles on a particular subject.

On the other hand, if your articles are unique for each person, you may charge more for each batch of articles; say $50 to $85.00 for a bunch of 10 articles. You would not however, sell that same bunch of articles to anyone else. There are many people doing that right now, and naturally I think it is a great idea to earn money. You can start your research by looking at places such as rent-a-coder, or just look for free lance writers in your favorite search engine.

Idea number 3 - Become an Affiliate Marketer Using Unique Articles

This is a fine idea to earn money, which I am using myself. Done properly, you can even make a six figure income each year with this single idea. The gist of this business is to find products or services that you know will sell, create a free affiliate link with the publisher of these products or services, and sell to the public at large by promoting on the Internet. You can begin your search at places such as clickbank, paydotcom, or commission junction.

Finding the products you want to sell and setting up the affiliate links are the easy part. Finding a way to get people to see your links is the not-so-easy part. Here are a few ideas on how you can do this. For starters you will want to create some kind of review page. You can do this free at places like squidoo. Once you set up a simple review site for the product, you will send traffic to this free site. You can use traffic exchanges, free directories, and even write articles and send them to article directories with a link back to your review page.

As long as your articles are useful, people will read them, then click on the links you have provided in order to see what product or service you are recommending. So as you can see, you can find lots of ideas to earn money and implement them without much cash or sometimes without any cash at all. I do this and I make sales, so I am sure that you can earn money from this idea too.
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