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How You Can Leverage Your Knowledge To Become An Expert Part 1

Aug 17, 2007
One of the easiest ways to increase your Web site traffic, sales for your online business or service, or turn browsers into clients, hinges on you becoming known as an expert in your field. Elevating your status may not be nearly as difficult as you may think.

Writing timely articles as a method of becoming known, levels the playing field for ordinary people and allows them to position themselves as the "go-to" guy or girl in their industry.
People who market on the Internet, take advantage of this concept by focusing on the primary function of the web: Content. Providing much-needed content may be the way to go, especially if you find yourself short on cash.
Business owners and entrepreneurs, get free publicity, traffic, and sales by submitting short, helpful articles to Web sites and newsletter publishers who eagerly look for this type of content. Furthermore, the criteria for a good article centers first upon what you say and not necessarily how you say it.
Although you may be a passive communicator, you can still position yourself as an expert. Not only that, but you can do so by developing an effective strategy on a small budget.

If I may give a personal example: In August 2004, I was just Marvin D. Cloud. However, in September 2004, after I published the book, "Get Off The Pot: How To Stop Procrastinating and Write Your Personal Bestseller In 90 Days," I immediately became Marvin D. Cloud, expert.

My chosen body of knowledge remains writing and publishing. More specifically, I specialize in the self-publishing arena. However, anyone can easily become known as an expert in any field.

When I look back over some of the key income streams I encompassed over the years, before embarking on my current profession nearly 30 years ago -- lawn boy, porter, hog farmer --if I knew then to use the principles I know now, within a few weeks, I would be considered an expert in any of those endeavors.

You become an expert by repurposing your intellectual knowledge for maximum exposure and profit. What qualifies a person as an expert, anyway?

Expert: "Having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge." (Merriam-Webster) "You become an expert when you know something others wished they knew." (Cloud)

In another article "Elementary School Lesson Can Transform The Marketing Results Of Your Business," I stated how the reality of school today points to the fact that some students often challenge "intelligence." While in elementary school, I discovered the inherent value in appearing to know the answer to the questions asked by the teacher.

The term I use for this discover is Kindergarten-nomics.
Making sure that the teacher could see that I possibly had the answer (raising my hand) easily set me apart from at least 95% of the class.

Answering the question correctly, not only endeared me to the teacher, but also served notice to my classmates of my seriousness when it came to the work at hand. I learned the value of being seen as an expert at an early age.

Promotion comes when others view you as an expert, and only after you master a particular discipline. After all, to pass from one grade level to another grade level you must master (pass) by proving that you know enough to advance.

The same happens on the job. You must convince your superior(s) that you possess the necessary acumen to advance to a better position.

You do that by becoming a value-added employee, partner business owner or service provider. Take advantage of educational-based marketing (writing about what you know) to propel your status.

Consider your passion. We develop special expertise in areas in a strong personal interest exists.

The key to success as an expert comes when you developing your passion. Start with your passion and what you already know, and then develop your own strategic program for getting known as the expert in your field.
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