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Three Success Secrets To Article Marketing

Mar 25, 2008
When it comes to this fantastic promotional method, many wonder how the success stories do it. Many look at them and scratch their heads in awe. For those successful people, there are a number of benefits that extend offline as well, both in potential business and building a growing reputation.

One of the first questions asked,is how often should they submit articles. There are some who say write as many articles as you can per day and submit them. Other advocate specific numbers, such as five to twenty five a day. This reasoning fall into the idea of the more the better. But, I would like to add a third choice.

Decide how many you can write on a daily basis and stick to it consistently. I think consistency is a major key. I also tend to think that quality and originality are even bigger keys.

I also tend to think that two or three articles that are of high quality and informative are far better than five or six articles that are mediocre at best. But this is up to each writer individually.

Some have the skills to write higher numbers of articles that are good, quality articles while others do not.

Successful article marketers also repackage their articles into e-books, and blog entries. This can be an incredible source of revenue generation and reputation building. One successful article marketer even gives her material to classes and such for a small licensing fee. She even placed her own articles on her own website, which was a boost to her search engine rankings and traffic.

From my research, I learned that the e-book craze can be very lucrative. It can be the very vehicle which establishes you as an expert. If the writer/article marketer has enough material to work with, you can generate more than one e-book. Another consideration is that writer can build reports and sell them or give them away. They can even be rebrandable so that the buyers can resell them under their own names. This can be a very good way to build even more quality traffic.

How does this help the article marketer? He would place a restriction that allows the e-book to be repackaged, but the material inside cannot be altered in any way. Called PLR sales, it is considered one of the most lucrative markets online. For the article marketer, this translates into an even bigger viral marketing effort.

Off line marketing is considered to be just as important as online marketing. The marketer is still supplying his niche market with sought after information and he or she is still getting the link to his website in print. It is still a viral way to advertise and it is still a proven way to gain traffic from interested visitors.

Article marketing is considered to be one of the hottest means available to promote one's website. It is lucrative in other areas as well. It can be repackaged and sold, submitted to offline publications, given out as reports, etc. The list goes on. the only limit is the author's imagination.
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