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To Profit More From Powerful Trends, Compile an Irresistible Force Inventory

Mar 25, 2008
To gain the most profits, you have to recognize the importance of measurements and understand that you can use them to assess virtually anything in your environment to get information about irresistible forces. Then, you can begin to take specific actions to avert stalls and initiate new thinking habits for irresistible force management.

Irresistible forces have a way of disappearing from your conscious mind, so compiling an irresistible force inventory stimulates you to think again about something you may have pushed into the background. The inventory can also help you by providing a base line against which you can measure the force and its changes in the future.

Irresistible forces are like the wind, and they do change in direction and intensity all of the time. You'll find it valuable to compare what is happening with these forces over time.

What irresistible forces are affecting your company now?

Answer this question by making a list. Using a computer will make it easy for you to add notes to your list in the future. To jog your memory, be sure to think about those who use your products or services, your customers, distributors, partners, employees, suppliers, competitors, governments, and the communities in which you serve and operate.

As another memory aid, think about times when your enterprise was unusually successful or had disappointments. Were there irresistible forces at play on those occasions? What were they?

What do you know about these irresistible forces?

You should pay special attention to identifying what you believe are the causes of these irresistible forces. For example, those who use your product or service may want more convenience and quality, but why do they want those things? The reason may be that everyone is so busy that they need your products and services to do more for them in less time.

What are the causes of this busyness? Investigating that area may give you clues to other irresistible forces that you can turn to your advantage as well. Other characteristics worth capturing about irresistible forces include when the irresistible force began, how strong the force is now, whether the force seems to be getting stronger or weaker, and how the irresistible force is affecting your company. To the extent that you also have ideas about how the irresistible force will affect your enterprise differently in the future, this is a good time to write down those thoughts.
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