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Optimize these two interesting keywords

Mar 25, 2008
Through another blogger, I discovered two interesting keywords.These keywords are "derivatives" of the word "Google" itself or where the word "Google" was taken from. The key words are "Googel" and "Googol."

Bloggers and webmaster often tell us of the value of keywords. The reason for such is because it will bring them more traffic. More traffic means more more chances of people clicking your ads or buying your products. The kind of commercial activities that a blogger or webmaster is involved in does not matter. Whether it is pay per click, pay per impression pay per visit, pay per whatsoever or selling affiliate products, what is most important thing is the traffic. The equation for online business is very simple. More traffic means more money.

A blogger or a webmaster must ensure that he gets a lot of traffic especially traffic from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, three of the world's biggest search engines. More traffic from the search engines, more money online.

When somebody googles a word they click the first spot and if they get what they are looking for they loose interst in all others. If they don't they simply move down to the next on the list. That is the reason it must be made sure your website or blog is in the first 3 pages or if possible in the first top 10 in the search engine's first page. If your website is on the 100th page, then most likely people making a search engine search will not go to your site.

The key is to make sure that your blog or website sustains a high volume of traffic always. One way is to make sure that your blog or website is competing for the right and proper keywords.

Getting the right keyword is not easy. There are thousands of keywords and some of the really good ones have a lot of competition. In order to know this type a keyword in google and look at the upper right hand of the page. Take for example when you type the phrase "making money online" you get more than 18 million results. You can see that the chances of you making it to the top ten in this keyword is really slim.

Not only should you ensure that the keywords you choose does not have a lot of competition, you should also ensure that they have a high search volume. Meaning they are being searched by a considerable number of people. This will ensure that all your hard work for optimizing the keyword will not be for nothing. You can know this by going to google trends and typing the keyword. If Google trends display a graph, then the keyword is most likely a high volume keyword.

To sum it up you must opt for what bloggers call as "high-trend but low-dense keyword."

A keyword that fits both criteria is the word "Googel." Googel is an example of a high-trend but low-dense keyword that bloggers or website masters must take advantage of. If you study the google trends graph you can see that since 2004, it has sustained a huge and increasing number of searches. That answers the question of it's being high trend. As of the time of this writing only 860,000 blogs or websites has mentioned this keyword. This answers it's being low dense. What this is telling us is that competing for this keyword is not so difficult.

Googel's "brother" "Googol" may not have an impressive graph in google trends. But the fact of the matter is that it is a high trend keyword as it has made it in google trends. However you may be impressed with Googol's density as it is only 468,000 as of the time of this writing compared to Googel's 800,000 plus.

So do whatever you have to do to take advantage of the keywords Googel and Googol to bring more traffic to your blog or website right now !
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