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Are There Free Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities

Mar 25, 2008
There is hardly anything that comes for free these days. Money is even involved in the virtual world of the internet. We've also heard of scams that talk about the "free" things that we get upon application or joining certain services. Most of these are just hype.. It may also be a turn off for you that you have to pay a small amount of money before you can join certain services. However, some still believes that there are still free services out there. So, are there free legitimate work from home opportunities? Or is it just another fallacy that seems to be ever so true as the trend nowadays is more leaned towards technology.

They are plenty of legitimate work form home opportunities if you search on Google. From book keeping to Internet research, almost every job is available for you to choose as your home based work. Maybe you're in doubt if you should spend so much on a home based job, when you yourself are in need of cash. But if you look at these simple online jobs that they have to offer, you probably won't mind tipping in a little bit of cash in exchange for a fun, easy and well-paying job.

Billing is one of the popular jobs available over the Web. It has quite a broad scope, comprising of hospital collection clerks, medical billing clerk, etc.

Mystery shopping is another popular option in the list of legitimate work from home jobs. These mystery shoppers would visit businesses, acting as ordinary customers and then provide detailed evaluations of their experience in report form. Mystery shoppers are usually used in industries like financial institutes, restaurants, convenience stores, department stores, and such.

They also offer Internet research as legitimate work. You just need to do simple research assignments. For instance, your task would require you to visit a particular website and collate info that is relevant to the given assignment. Data would include fees, business type, email address and such.

Book keeping is a legitimate Work at home job that is gaining popularity recently. Small companies are finding it increasingly more economical to outsource their bookkeeping needs to contractors. In order to be a good book keeper, you will need to have strong organizational skills, attention the detail, be a great problem solver and independent.

These legitimate work from home jobs usually do require a small amount of payment before you can sign up to these services. It's said that you can earn up to $500 per month or more! The money spent is insignificant to the money that you will earn, if you work hard enough.

The verdict: It all depends on the website you visit. If you are lucky enough, you might eventually find the website that allows you to join a home based job without paying a single penny. But that's unlikely. These Internet marketers are making money from their businesses too! Besides, sometimes the free work from home jobs can also be just a scam!
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