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Emotions And Memories Are Keys To Your Online Traffic Formula

Mar 25, 2008
Memories play a major role in how we are impacted. Our memories are stored as pictures. Pictures are easier to access and more meaningful to us than words. They can capture many feelings and emotions in one image. Thus, the famous saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is right!

Do you recall all of the words that you read on the screen, or do you remeber the pictures and how the ad made you feel? Visualizations are very important in capturing people's attention.

Emotions as well as memories play a major role in decision making. Human behavior is mostly influenced by emotions and not by logic and reason. The influence that our memories have on us drive our emotions. We want our marketing to spur emotions.

I want you to think of a word such as anger. In what way does this look to you. Was there a picture or just some facts. You probably saw an image. According to scientists, decision making cannot happen without an emotional response. This response comes from the limbic system. Without the emotion, the concious mind is unable to make a decision.

Buyers need to access emotions to shape their behavior. You need emotion to generate consistent traffic. People want to be moved into action. A good marketing approach is to find out how people relate to your product and experiences. These experiences spark certain emotions which drives their behavior.

The next time you watch a commercial with lots of emotion and lights, think about the fact that what they are trying to do is to tie their product in with your happy emotions by association. There are very few words in these commercials, but lots of emotions.

Uncovering the common emotional responses, gives you insight on what you must say and do to succeed with internet marketing. Think about what your customer's might feel about your product.
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