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"Pinay Scandal" - Another Good Keyword To Optimize

Mar 25, 2008
When we talk about Pinay we are reffering to scandalous videos, pictures or stories where Filipina women are involved. This keyword has become a favorite among bloggers as this has been used to drive traffic into blogs.

It cannot be denied that in advertisement and in the media, sex sells. One of the most searched for keywords are words that pertain to pornography, sex and scandals. Pinay scandal is one of those keywords that Filipino bloggers has been using to drive traffic into their site.

Google trends will tell you that when you type the word "pinay scandal," it will be seen that for the past two years search for the keyword "pinay scandal" has remained consistently high, this is not a surprise though. This proves that "pinay scandal" is a "high-trend" keyword.

What's interesting about this keyword is that it is also a "low density" keyword. Meaning only a few bloggers or webmasters is competing for this keyword. In fact as of the time of this writing there are only 266,000 blogs and websites that contains the word "pinay scandal"

The fact that this is "high-trend, low-density" makes this keyword perfect for optimization. These are the kind of keywords that will drive traffic to your site or blog even if you optimize it for only a few days.

Your website or blog does not need to be scandalous or need to contain pornographic material. You can use your creativity and talk about anything regarding pinay scandal. For instance, I discussed the exploitation of Filipina women and children. The most important thing here is that you are driving traffic to your site because of optimizing this keyword.

When you exploit the pinay scandal keyword, you are like hitting two birds with one stone. First you will experience a high volume of traffic. Secondly you are doing the community something good because the real ponographic sites are buried in other pages as the search engines spots are being occupied by the blogs and websites of bloggers and webmasters who are exploiting this keyword. However their sites do not contain ponographic or scandalous material.

Don't delay! Optimize your blog or website for the "pinay scandal" keyword now!
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Zigfred Diaz may not blog about pinay scandal everyday. But he blogs on other non-scandalous topics including law, leadership, entrepreneurship, management, financial management, investments, technology, internet marketing, blogging, theology, faith, life and living. Visit his blog today
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