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Mar 25, 2008
Why is it that we seek advice in all aspects of our life but hesitate when it comes to financial needs? Perhaps you're hesitant to seek financial advice because you feel that you don't have enough money to invest or start a new career? Maybe you feel that you don't have enough time to learn or you don't know how you will balance a series of educational lectures with the reality of your life? If this is the case then the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack is the series for you. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack provides you the most economical and accessible opportunity to learn from proven professionals in internet marketing, real estate investing, personal development, eBook publishing, ecommerce management and other money making opportunities. The following is a short list of educators available with the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack.

Tom Hua is widely respected as the "Godfather Of The eBook". An immigrant from China, he built his empire from just $300. Today he owns a group of internet companies that cater to a wide range of consumer needs. These companies include eBookWholesaler, FreeToSell.com, PDFBrander.com, WebEncoder.com, WorldInternetSummit.com, iKeys.net, HostingBay.net, Webay.com.au, BodaIT.com, WorldInternetPay.com, and WorldInternetOffice.com. These companies are leaders in online publishing, domain management, software development, ecommerce management, and internet payment solutions. Tom Hua generates millions of dollars each year and in the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack, he shows you exactly how to start your own internet based company and begin to generate wealth.

David Cavanaugh is known as "The Do-Roo" because of his mastery of the internet. He has been a keynote speaker all over the world and was the featured speaker for the World Internet Summit in 2007. He was also voted the Best Speaker at the 2005 World Internet Summit in Singapore. He will show you the exact methods he has used to develop successful web sites. There's no hype, no complicated language just proven methods for success that anyone can apply.

Rick Otton is one of the most profitable real estate tycoons in the world. He is based in Australia although he invests all over the world. His most popular lectures are available in the Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack and he clearly explains his most profitable methods including how to build cash flow, by owner cash flow systems, 100% financing of the property and many more money making strategies.

Peter "The Ice Man" Bland is a survivor. He is the first Australian to have adventured to both the North and South Magnetic Poles. What makes Peter's accomplishment even more remarkable is that he completed his expedition to the North Magnetic Pole, hauling a sled 700km across the frozen Arctic Sea, 12 months after undergoing his second bout of major heart surgery. He has survived being taken by an avalanche in Antarctica and falling the equivalent of 14 stories of an office building. Using the experiences of his trips to the wilderness Peter has raised more than $14 million for Australian Charities has produced 2 TV documentaries, his most recent being turned into an ABC Mini-series and his biography A Step Too Far was recently released. You will be able to adapt his philosophy to achieve goals that you never thought you could reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Stephen Pierce specializes in online marketing. A pioneer in applying direct marketing techniques to the online market place, he teaches traditional marketing but modified for the needs of the internet marketer. His popular book The Whole Truth, has been invaluable for thousands of internet entrepreneurs. The Money Masters DVD Home Study Pack includes these techniques and his 'mind mapping' philosophy for success.

Nik Halik founded the Financial Freedom Institute in 2001 as an education vehicle to train and inspire men and women to "sieze the day" and take control of their own financial futures. His foundation platform for achieving this, is the stock market and in particular, option trading. Due to advances in technology, option trading can provide a business opportunity that can be run from anywhere in the world where there's an internet connection. Options are wonderful things because when you understand them, they are such flexible instruments to trade. They require far less capital than share trading and you can make bucketloads more profit. Nik Halik has over 16 years experience as a global stock market investor, who started option trading with only $5,000 borrowed on a credit card and 5 years ago, was earning an income of over $4,000 per WEEK from option trading alone. Today, he is a multi-millionaire and enjoys a lifestyle that most people only dream of.

You owe it to yourself not to miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business!
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