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Webinars - What Are They?

Mar 25, 2008
A Webinar is a presentation, lecture, or seminar transmitted over the internet and is a word formed from Web+Seminar. A Webinar allows for the interaction between the presenter and the audience giving the parties involved with the ability to give, receive and discuss details amongst each other.

A Webinar should not be confused with a "Webcast", which is a one way transmission and doesn't allow for parties to interact. The benefit of a Webinar is that the presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar is transmitted over the web, from anywhere, and is an interactive experience for all parties attending.

Webinars, such as the one offered by GoToMyPc, enables the user of the web meeting to have as many as 1000 Attendees. Webinar, like Remote PC Access, is a service offered by a company. In other words, you don't have to be a technical genius to set-up a Webinar. In most cases the fee structure is normally a monthly or annual choice. Also, look for the free trial that most companies, such as WebEx and GoToMyPc offer.

Cost savings are always a key issue for businesses of every size. Certainly it's obvious that holding webinars is a practical way to reduce overhead. Everyone can get together, from anywhere, at anytime of choosing, and meet to discuss and plan. There's no driving or flying to the meeting, there's no arranging child care if the meeting is after hours, there's no additional surprise expenses that leaving home often brings, such as food and drink. Webinars tend to be more effective in that the parties involved complete the "tasks" to discuss or present in a defined period of time. There's less "wasting of time" before, during and after with an online meeting. When the meeting is over, you exit your computer. Effecient yes, less personal yes - however achieving a balance between work life and home life is essential now-a-days, and webinars can merely offer a "time alternative" to assist families with the busy pressures of life. Businesses using this service and offering their employees the option of attending a webinar from home, can also be viewed as a providing their people a "nice perk".

Once you've signed up for a Webinar service, there is normally a self-service interface that enables you to present, record, plan and organize your Webinars. Also note, for those who sign up for GoToMyPc's Webinar service, the Online Meeting service is also included. To understand the difference between Online Meetings and Webinars, think of Webinars as the online application for large event presentations. Online Meetings is geared to the smaller online-meeting gathering. Webinars acquired through a service are ideal for the do-it-yourself crowd. With total flexibility, the user is free to determine, how, with who and when they will hold their event, and can do so quickly and easily; "no techie-guru required".

Your business, large or small, can have the ability to demonstrate, collaborate and communicate through web conferencing often for one flat rate. In most cases, you can hold as many meetings as you want, whenever you want. You usually also have the option of multiple organizer accounts and additional management features should you feel the need to grow this service.
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