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Recession,Depression,the housing debacle and the falling dollar.

Mar 25, 2008
The stock market has been making wild swings both up and down,and the ever troubling energy markets still remain a huge concern because it is driving up the price of almost everything.Economic experts tell us that we may be heading for a recession or something even worse a full blown depression. Some economist's say we are already in a recession and it's going to get bad relatively soon.

The housing debacle is crippling both new construction and existing housing sales as the real estate values drop and the forecloser rate escalates dramatically. It appears that the federal government will definately take action to try and reverse both the housing industries many problems and the banking industries mega problems. The problems created by flooding the housing market with those adjustable rate mortgages has come back to haunt them and has driven the foreclosure rate to all time highs.

The government tells us that 47 million people,many of them children are without adequate heath care in this country and unfortunately there is no plan in sight to solve this extremely serious problem.The falling dollar coupled with ever rising food prices,rising unemployment and the never ending explosion of health care costs have the entire country on edge. There is a quiet fear of possible bank failures, and the old painful memories of our senior citizens concerning the run on banks thought to be in trouble and failing.

But it has devastated the american economy and helped create higher unemployment rates in the countries industrial heartland. Nafta has even become a political subject of scorn in the democratic primary race for president. N.A.F.T.A. the north american free trade agreement between the united states,canada, and mexico has helped canada and mexico .

C.A.F.T.A. the central american free trade agreement is not causing any immediate problems but it is expected when it is in full gear and companies start moving their operations down there to take advantage of the extremely cheap wages paid there. Then they too will be costing many americans their jobs like nafta has. And of course these two trade agreements are being blamed ,whether directly or indirectly for the very touchy problem of illegal immigration along the american and mexican border.

Well thus far all we have talked about here is Gloom and Doom and the problems of the american worker. But chin up my friends there are tremendous opportunities just over the horizon.SHAFTA of course is the name used by those who have lost their jobs when their jobs were sent over seas to places like India and china. This again is to take advantage of cheap wages and escaping labor contracts with unions and not having to pay any health care benefits.

But caution is the watch word here when trying to find that online business to get involved in , you must be very careful , it is like a mine field out there if you don't know what you are doing. Believe me I've walked that field before,and it can be very treacherous.I think that right now is probably the best time in the last ten years to take the bull by the horns,go online,and start your own business. There will probably be thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to the trade agreements, energy costs, housing problems and the falling value of the dollar ,who will be looking for a business online to pull them out of the quagmire they find themselves in.

when looking for an online business there should be certain guide lines and special things you look for in a prospective program. For openers it is quicker, simpler and easier to join an affiliate program,they will give you a free website, promotional tools,and sometimes even free hosting services.these things alone will save you a lot of money. Experts are predicting that the number of people who will likely start an online home business will triple in the next year or two.

this allows you to avoid putting all of your eggs in one fragile basket ,like the ones that were sent overseas as part of some trade agreement, with a team build formula and a wealth management system you could be set for life,financially. in conclusion every one needs to find and join an automated affiliate program that features multiple streams of monthly residual income in order to obtain financial freedom. With residual income from four or five programs that are all bundled as components of the major affiliate program that you join.
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