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Network Marketing - How Not To Talk To A Network Marketing Lead

Mar 25, 2008
It is a common fact that if you are a network marketer, you will always be looking for leads. Leads
are available everywhere because there will always be people who are looking for a network marketing business. However, it is not easy to find a qualified lead - it's like finding a rare gem among the rocks! You have to extract this lead carefully from the group of all other leads, so that the person can be incorporated into your marketing network and finally shine in your organization!

There are many e-books available in the market giving tips on how to develop your network marketing skills to persuade an individual to buy into your company and how to overcome the objection from any individual. Here, a few tips on how not to talk to a network marketing lead are discussed. There are some training materials which advise you to get familiarized with your materials and not try to pull on over on the prospective lead. Although this looks like a valuable
advice, it does not give you a cut and dried list of items to avoid. Don't get me wrong, but it is
necessary that you should know the things which you should avoid and how not to interact with a network marketing sales lead.

Firstly, you should try to avoid gender, race and nationality. You might have the impression that women make better salespeople than men. You might have more trust in people who are more religious as they are more honest in their business dealings. You might be influenced by society that some nationalities are better in running a business as compared to others.
You must avoid these stereotypes as they can be offensive. You might not have realized it during your conversations, but your prospects, however qualified they are, will not want to spend their time doing business with someone they think as a bigot.

Next, give your prospects your full attention during your meetings with them. Do not answer your cell phone when you are in the middle of conversation with your prospects. Make the prospects feel that they are the most important people that you care and are serious in
building a relationship with them. You have to find out if they are a quality network marketing lead. It is important to develop a good relationship and trust with them, as this will help your network marketing business. This is the right time to do that because it is just impossible to build trust when your prospects become integrated in a big downline.

Third, it is advisable not to flaunt your wealth. It is a norm that you would like to dress nicely to impress your prospects; however, this is not the time to show off your wealth. Instead, it would be wise just to discreetly show what the business can do for a dedicated person. There is no necessity to actually call for an obvious attention of what you have achieved.

Lastly, you should not be shabbily dressed, for example, by wearing worn out jeans and shirts.
This will just be showing signs of not being successful. These characteristics will not boost the confidence of your prospects who are thinking of signing on as your network marketing lead.
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