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All You Need To Know About Website Building And Hosting To Get You Started

Mar 25, 2008
There are only three things you need to know about Website Building And Hosting

1. It's far easier than you think
2. The software is free
3. You already have the technical expertise required

The first statement will be a surprise to many. The reason for this is because when we have seen what the background code is like, it is obvious that html is a complex programming language. You can view the source code of this web page now, just select "View" then "Source" in your browsers toolbar. Chances are you are as bamboozled as I was about what it all means. Many of us would not even contemplate the prospect of being able to deal with this level of programming. Don't you need years at college or university to become a software engineer?

Well, the reason it is far easier to build websites than you think is that to produce your own websites, you don't have to understand html or JavaScript. The software does all of that for you. It is true that you will have to dive into all that code to do some of the things you will need to do, like inserting html scripts to display material from other websites, but even that is a simple process once you know how.

As for the second statement how can software to do such a complex task been free. Have you seen how much programs like Dreamweaver cost? And won't you need to produce graphics? How much is Photoshop? You also need to get your website uploaded to your web hosting provide. What software does that?

Well it is true that Dreamweaver and Photoshop each cost hundreds of dollars. And they are both remarkable programs, the favourite of professional designers. The reason that professional designers like this software is because it is full of highly advanced functionality which for us mere amateurs would never get used. In fact, if I was to splash out for this software I would be simply wasting most of the purchase price because I would never use, because I don't know how, nost of the software I was paying for.

Actually the software you need is far simpler to use and totally free. First of all there are a number of great web page editors available through open source. My favourite is NVU. This software means I can build websites from scratch and I can import existing online websites. For graphics, I have discovered that combining the functionality of my word processor with a free graphics package, Irfanview, means I can produce great looking web page headers and advertising banners at no cos. For FTP I use FileziIla - another great Open Source program,.

Now, when I was first faced with designing a website, I didn't know what to o. My reasons for choosing to build a website myself, is that I could not find an alternative which exactly met my needs. I tried online website builders and found that each offered a different set of feature, but I couldn't find one that did everything I wanted. So, I had no alternative to build my own.

I am an average computer user, I can use a word processor, a spreadsheet and write emails. I was amazed to discover that I had all of the technical expertise that I needed. To be fair it did take me many hours of research to learn how to apply that knowledge. But each time I learnt something new, I was amazed at how simple it actually was. Yes you do have the technical knowledge to create your own websites from scratch. You just need someone to show you how and then you can build site after site after site.
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