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Top Five Tips To Find The Highest Paid Survey Opportunities

Mar 25, 2008
A large number of companies are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the opinions of real customers because, in the long run, this saves them a lot of money. You'd be amazed by the number of people who use paid surveys to generate an extra income. Maybe that's the reason why you're reading this article. You want to make money from home.

You usually don't need to do anything really special to start earning extra cash. All you have to do is to join one or more paid surveys programs. Of course, the first step is to find a program and this is relatively easy since we've carefully chosen for you the ones that offer the best opportunities. Once you found a program that you like, the first thing will be to complete a brief questionnaire - what is your age, gender, education, job, etc. that will take you only a couple of minutes of your time. The best thing is that you will receive your first survey offer within a couple of days. After completing the survey, you will receive the money either via your PayPal account, by cheque or a bank transfer. If you don't have a PayPal account, don't worry. It is free to get one and very easy to set up.

One piece of advice before we continue: be realistic about the amount of money you can earn by completing paid surveys. Not all surveys are created equal, if some offer over $250, lots of them will offer an income ranging about $3. Consequently, it is preferable to choose and participate only in the highest paid survey offers. Although they are usually more complicated and time-consuming to complete, money is well worth it.

Finding the Highest Paid Survey Opportunities: Tip #1

There's no doubt that focus groups are one of the highest paid survey types. A group of people with similar background meet and is asked to answer questions about a specific topic. How it works: usually, focus groups are held in real time via a conference phone conversation or an online discussion group. Because of the time involved, focus groups are one of the top paid surveys you can find. If they are more complicated, the revenue is also considerably bigger than the one offered for the most common surveys. If you have the choice, I'm pretty sure you'll prefer to spend one hour to get $250 that completing five 10-minute surveys for $10 each, right?

Finding the Highest Paid Survey Opportunities: Tip #2

Usually, you will find that you can earn more by answering phone surveys than completing online or paper surveys. Some companies will pay you up to $150 to answer a simple phone survey.

Finding the Highest Paid Survey Opportunities: Tip #3

Among the highest paid survey offers you can find is testing a new service or product. This type of survey can easily bring you an extra $50 - $75 in your pocket.

Finding the Highest Paid Survey Opportunities: Tip #4

It is highly recommended that you register with as many survey companies as possible if you want to maximize your chances of participating more often in the highest paid survey programs. Since you usually receive the offers from the companies by email, it goes without saying that the number of programs you register with increases your chances of getting the highest paid survey offers. If you found good opportunities out there, please take a minute to post it on our website to let other people know about it.

Finding the Highest Paid Survey Opportunities: Tip #5

Although you want to find the survey companies that offer good money for answering their surveys, you also have to be very careful because they sometimes offer high rates just to hook people hunting for the highest paid survey. Make sure that you are dealing with a company that is credible and has a good reputation so you don't end up disappointed.
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