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The First LOST Rule of Network Marketing

Mar 25, 2008
The first and most crucial step in your new business is to write down Why you joined it in the first place.

Even if you are not brand new, and you have done this before revisit your Why. This is the MOST important thing you will ever do. It will provide you with an unbreakable foundation, and will give you the very reason it will be worth going through the inevitable ups and downs you are sure to experience on the path to success. Furthermore, knowing your Why will also give others personal insight into your motivation behind why you are sharing your opportunity and products with them.

We have all heard this in many different forms.

- If you create the WHY, then the HOW will show up!
- If you do not know WHY you are going somewhere, you will most likely get lost!
- If your Why doesn't make you cry, it's not strong enough.

Need more convincing? We'll put it to you this way;

First and foremost, when talking to a prospect, it is important to keep in mind that most often they do not care about your opportunity. However, people DO care about YOU. More importantly, they are most interested in how this relates to THEIR lives and THEIR situation.

Don't assume that others are going to get just as excited as you are about your business, just because you are bouncing off the walls and saying how great it is.

In our board game MLM The Game, all players must write down their Why on their score card. It is the first task you will complete and share with the other players before the real fun begins.

The stronger and truer your Why is to your heart, the more it will motivate you, and inspire others as well. If you have not done this already, start by asking yourself these two questions:

1. Why did I start this business; and
2. What was my purpose for joining a network marketing company?

Don't just say, "I wanna make a lot of money!" You MUST be certain and specific about your Why. It is critical that you are very clear about your Why and that it is close to your heart. It must become ingrained into your everyday dialog. Knowing your Why, and truly believing it, will set you apart from many others in this business and greatly assist you in your relationship building process.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to have a powerful Why.

1. It will keep you in the business. Quitting will not be an option.
2. It will motivate and inspire your downline to also work on their Why's which will keep them in the business.
3. It will inspire people to become and STAY your customers because they will know that their monthly purchase is not only helping them, but also helping a friend in a business venture.

Don't be another average frustrated networker in this business and overlook getting clear about your Why.

If you haven't done this yet, then you now know what is holding you back. Before tomorrow, write down your Why, rehearse it, share it with your everyone on your team, and ask them Why they joined your MLM. Create a healthy dialogue so everyone feels comfortable talking about their Why. Your Why may change over time, but for now it is crucial to start with where you are at in your current situation.

Over the course of your career you can continue to refine it and make it a better and better message until eventually people will be modeling your speech as an example for others to follow.

To Your Ultimate Success in Life,
About the Author
Anders Gustavsson
Infinite Synergy Learning Systems
The Infinite Synergy team developed MLM The Game, and has been involved helping home-business entrepreneurs build strong relationships and succeed faster through playing this game since 2003'. Please visit this network marketing training website at www.mlmthegame.com for details.
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