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Mar 25, 2008
Ok, you have probably been Internet marketing for awhile, at least long enough to have heard about article marketing and list building techniques. These are two separate things, by the way.

When used together, list building and article marketing are the dynamic duo! Together these methods combine themselves to intermesh and create a monster of a traffic generator that is unstoppable.

Many a time has a Internet marketer experimented with these two separate elements, creating a monster that fed back to them too many hits, making them too much money. Alas, what is to be done? Article marketing and list building is like cheese on pizza, it was just meant to be!

As a model, let us just say that you do not have a market right now. You are a pet owner with 4 cats and 5 dogs because you really love cats and dogs. You created a newsletter to email to a few other pet loving friends you met in your pet forum.

As it turns out, you are a natural writer! All of your forum pals love your newsletter about pet tips, etc. So, for a couple of months, you create a new edition to your newsletter every week, then send it to your friends. It has occurred to you that maybe you could make some money with this "newsletter thing". The problem is, how will you market this?

You have been ordering a few things for your pets at an online pet supply store. While shopping this store one day, you notice a link to become an affiliate and market their products for them. They will even pay you a commission of 25% of everything you can sell. You join and create your very own affiliate website to promote the company's products.

The next day, some article marketing friends of yours lets you in on article marketing secrets. You begin to write articles about pets and submit them to article directories with a link to your pet supply website at the bottom of every article.

Amazingly, readers are beginning to read your pet related articles and visiting your site, but hardly anyone is buying anything. What will you do to increase sales?

Suddenly, a big light goes off in your head about your newsletter. The next day you are article marketing and leaving a link with a message at the bottom of your articles. "To subscribe to my free weekly newsletter, "The Cat and Dog Show", please click on my link below!"

Suddenly, you are getting more subscribers to your newsletter than a dog has fleas! In fact, you are getting so many subscribers now that you have to contact an autoresponder service to outsource the emailings on a regular time table. You are now leaving resource information back-linked in your newsletters to your site, too.

You have suddenly become knowledgeable, trustworthy and the expert. All of these pet lovers are a part of a list of subscribers to your newsletter with more subscribers coming in every day! These people are visiting and bookmarking your site, buying everything under the sun from you. You have become the cat's meow.
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