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Why Vending Machines Are So Appealing To Children

Mar 25, 2008
Have you ever noticed that many vending machines are in place to appeal to children? They are short enough for them to peer in and see the candy or toys they hold. This isn't done by accident; it is a very effective marketing ploy. This concept tends to increase sales as children often ask their parents for change to use in them.

For many parents, these vending machines are a great way to ensure their child is going to behave while they are at a grocery store, the mall, or a restaurant. They tell their child they can get something from the vending machine at the end of the event if they do what they need to. This is a very good investment of a quarter or fifty cents in the eyes of many parents.

There are some vending machines that appeal to children due to the various affects they offer. It may be music or colors that light up once they put their money in. While they do want what the vending machine is going to offer them, they are also going to look forward to these special effects. In fact many children will use the same vending machine again and again due to this factor.

You can definitely get children interested in playing a game too with a vending machine. If they know one of the items in there has a prize with it they will likely put their money into it. This can be complicated though if you aren't going to be in the vicinity of the vending machine on a regular basis.

Children always seem to be following some type of trend though out there. You can use this information to increase sales in your vending machines. If you have stickers of Hannah Montana or from the latest Spiderman movie they will likely buy them. You can also go will some well known favorites that never go out of style including the sticky stuff, jewelry, and balls.

There are plenty of different things you can fill up the vending machines with besides candy. Many parents would prefer that their child buys those things instead of a handful of candy that is full of sugar. You can easily find a variety of such items to fill up your vending machines with. If certain items aren't selling well then you will want to try something else in its place.

When you know something is moving rapidly through a vending machine you want to make sure you continue to keep it stocked. If you let it run dry you will be losing out on the potential of more sales. Don't worry about your inventory as these items aren't going to have an expiration date. You can simply keep adding them as things are selling well.

Don't overlook vending machine sales to children though as you can really tune into their market. You do need to make sure you keep them happy though just like you won't any other consumer. Make sure the vending machines are easy to use and that they work well. Try to avoid those where the child has to insert two coins at once as it can be confusing to them.
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