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Join a Forum, Win a Prospect

Mar 25, 2008
In any business, the wider the network the better. Reaching as many people as possible is perhaps the most fundamental requirement that every business must be able to fulfil to continuously be successful.

However, what concerns business owners in doing this is the cost that comes with it. Of course, getting results at minimal cost is equally important in business. Fortunately, while expanding ones network seems like a big deal, being able to do it at no cost is very much possible.

Joining forums to find business prospects is one of these interesting strategies. Not only are forums usually free to participate in, they also save a lot of time as these are commonly very targeted. Certain types of people are brought together discussing things. For example, those who are more likely to purchase golf paraphernalia are more likely to be participating in forums discussing golf games, driving ranges, etc.

Moreover, in forums, you do not have to be the one to begin the discussion. Your target customers initiate and you come in as an expert willing to provide them some answers to their questions, at no cost. In this way, you create liking and respect and at the same time credibility. The only thing that you have to do is to be resourceful enough in locating these forums that are in need of your input.

As soon as you have built enough credibility and interest, you may begin introducing your business. In this way, convincing would not be as hard since your prospects think that you have an idea on what they are actually looking for, with your participation in their earlier discussions.

In addition to this, you are able to position your company well in the market through recall. You can include in your forum posts or avatars your company logo. In this way, you do not only market through the ideas that you give in the forums, you also make your company as visual as possible, in a literal way. Getting your service or buying your product will be an immediate tendency whenever the need arises since you have also hit your prospects subconscious mind through constant recall. You can further improve the presence of your company logo in your forum posts by including links to your website and email address. In this way, not only do you make an impact at the current time, you also get a chance in the future, when someone happens to review earlier posts or is referred by someone to visit the forum.

Above all these, by joining forums, you get to know what your prospects honestly need and want. More often than not, the discussions in a forum are more neutral in nature as compared to sales meetings. Participants simply say what they want to say, without guarding themselves against sales talks. This is the reason why, when targeting prospects in forums, you do not immediately introduce your business without any prior lead from the forum members. A need has to be mentioned first before you promote something to be able to maintain the neutral environment. You should sound like you are just responding to an expressed need, and not necessarily creating one.

Unquestionably, forums are effective and cost-effective venues in finding prospects. Leading you to the right ones to join should be quite straightforward, with the existence of helpful search engines.
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