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6 Great Reasons For Interior Designers To Use A Domain To Boost Their Career And Finances!

Mar 26, 2008
Interior design, like other design related careers, is fast becoming a highly competitive industry with a large number of new graduates having entered the market in recent years. And as is the case in competitive industries, sourcing and securing clients is paramount to the success of the company or individual.

As an interior designer, whether you work for an organization or on your own, you're probably constantly on the lookout for new Prospects and business opportunities. This is precisely the reason why you can't afford to overlook the importance of the Internet.

You can easily have an online presence by securing your own domain (which could be your own name) and setting up a blog on it. The blog and website will allow you to introduce yourself and showcase your expertise to visitors, allow them to get to know you and allow you to communicate with them and provide useful and credibility building information through blog posts.

All of the above can be done with a minimal of investment and effort - and provide a profoundly positive impact on your career and finances!

1.Reach A Global Market
Your blog and domain gives you the opportunity to reach out to people from all over the world who are interested in interior design. This is a huge advantage for you, as compared to other interior designers who do not have their own website as you now can reach out to far more prospects than if you had to rely solely on calling cards and word of mouth advertising.

Over time, you may build relationships with visitors to your website and even secure projects with those who have been won over by the expertise and experience you display when writing your blog posts.

2.Create More Job Opportunities
Of course, not all interior designers choose to work on their own. But if you wish to work for an organization, your website can still help your cause.

By publicizing your domain and blog in your resume and portfolio, you definitely have an edge over other job applicants when it comes to an interview. Your prospective employer is bound to be impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment to your career that securing your own website displays.

3.Build More Contacts
One of the biggest benefits of having a website is that you will build a large number of contacts and meet a horde of people from around the world that visit your website and read your blog posts, comment on them or join your mailing list (which can be easily set up). And you'll never know which ones of these individuals may end up playing a positive role in your career either now or somewhere down the line.

4.Evolve Your Work
Since your website will be devoted mostly to your chosen career, your website also gives you the opportunity of sharing, viewing and commenting on home decorations that either you or someone else has conceived. This will go a long way towards building your experience and increasing the maturity of your ideas.

5.Build Your Reputation
Your domain can also be a tool to build your reputation in the interior design industry. While your prominence may initially be limited to the Internet, its is bound to spillover onto the physical realm after time. This is especially so if you use your actual name as your domain, as it gives you a great measure of professionalism and makes you seem a lot more established.

6.Earn Money From Referrals
You can also earn money by referring customers to other Interior designers who may be better located (in other countries, perhaps) or equipped to meet their needs. Once you have amassed a list of reliable Interior designers from all over your country and even continent, you can then refer your customers or visitors to your blog to these contacts for a referral fee.

The above represents a mere fraction of the benefits you gain by giving your Interior design practice a presence on the Internet. And as I mentioned earlier, it can be done with the minimum of cost and effort, with a maximum of benefits. Even a designer can do the math on this one.
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