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4 Easy Ways Architects Can Use Their Own Domains To Make Money

Mar 26, 2008
Architecture is a highly respected career and field of business to be evolved in. It requires a great level of intelligence, creativity, discipline and hard work to become an established architect (let alone a highly successful one) in your country or region, no matter which part of the world you are from.

This, however, is not meant to sound like a deterrent to budding architects out there. It is merely a reflection of the value of an architect's expertise, a fact that can be used to great benefit by architects all over the world to make additional income on the Internet.

As an architect, your knowledge and experience is as valuable as your skill and simply by securing a domain (which is your own name, so you can build up your reputation on the Internet), setting up a blog and securing other basic tools such as a payment system, you can quite easily start to build an additional supplementary income online through the following ways.

1.Provide Information Via E-Mail To Members
After years or studying the craft and working as an architect, you are bound to be full of useful and practical information that you can provide to interested readers. While you can utilize some of this knowledge into writing your blog posts, an additional way to disseminate information would be to send them out to members of your mailing list.

Of course, since your information is highly valuable and useful, people may want to pay you a membership fee in order to be accorded onto the list. These individuals can be students of architecture, young professional architects or anyone who has an interest in architecture, really. In return, you simply send out an e-mail every week to these members. You can probably even automate this process so it can be sent automatically to your customers on a weekly basis.

2.Write Useful E-books
Another way for you to make money is to write books. Of course, you don't want to be bogged down by the costs of printing, publishing or distributing your books, so you can create them in an electronic format instead, such as a PDF document.

Your books needn't be long - just choose a topic related to architecture that you happen to have a truckload of expertise in and write out a practical and useful book that visitors to your website will find useful. Then, of course, you put it up for sale on your blog! Since you don't have any overhead costs, you can sell your book at a low price and keep the full selling cost as your profit!

3.Provide Referrals Or Consultation
Providing referrals is a great way of making money that doesn't even require you to do work! All you need is to compile a list of architects from all over your country or region. Then whenever any one of your blog readers requests work that you cannot provide for whatever reason (usually logistical, since your readers will be from all over the world!), you can provide a referral to one of your contacts. In exchange, your grateful contact will pay you a referral fee!

Of course, if you are able to help your reader, then you can create additional income for yourself by providing consultation to him or her for a fee.

4.Create Opportunities By Having An Online Presence
Aside from selling products or your services to make an income, there are innumerable amounts of ways that your website can help you. The contacts you make through your website can help you secure contacts, get you a job in a prestigious company, boost your reputation, become joint venture partners, friends or any number of mutually beneficial things.

The most important thing, of course, is that you do have a domain and blog, and take advantage of the great financial and career benefits that an online presence of your services and expertise can provide you.
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