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A New Paradigm - Network Marketing Is No Longer On Trial

Mar 26, 2008
Network marketing, or MLM, has survived as a formal business model for more than half a century, and the underlying concepts that drive this industry have been around since the dawn of marketing. And while once there was great skepticism surrounding this form of home business, the majority of educated entrepreneurs now accept network marketing as a valid and lucrative option.

I first tried my hand at MLM several years prior to this writing, and I fell flat on my face. It's important to pint out the reasons for my failure:

I was looking for a get rich quick opportunity.

I had zero real commitment to a business or marketing plan.

I spent more time wishing than actually working.

I could go on but I'm sure you get the point.

After my half-hearted effort resulting in failure, I began to focus on some of the more ludicrous opportunity programs, the ones that are barely legal and wired to fleece the gullible. I've written articles, e-books, and more about how MLM is a flawed model.

All this ranting came about because of my own bad experience, which was the result of my own poor planning and lack of intelligent effort.

Fast forward a few years and I began using a fabulous product, which I bought from a network marketer. For three months I used the product with no interest at all in the business opportunity.

I had my own business as an information marketer and had no desire to engage MLM again. However, the suggestion that network marketing is a great way to build long-term, passive income came up again and again in the books and course I took on wealth creation and personal finance.

Finally I decided to spend some time researching the company behind the product I had been using, with the remote possibility of getting involved with the opportunity. The short version of the story is, I was totally blown away by the reputation of the corporation, the simplicity and generosity of the pay plan, and the highly legitimate opportunity being presented.

My views of MLM are no longer tainted. Clearly I allowed my own prejudice to blind me for a long time.

Interestingly, I'm not alone. I have met many people with a story very much like mine.

In fact there have been numerous college-level studies on the matter. And some of today's top marketing experts in many fields will tell you that network marketing is an absolutely marvelous business model.

If you have long harbored a negative view of the network marketing model, ask yourself if your feelings are based on sound research. Yes, there are many scams pretending to be MLM companies, but real network marketing businesses are not only legal and ethical, they are incredibly generous in terms of the potential income.

Spend a little time researching a well-reputed company and see if you come to the same conclusions I have. You might find, as I did, that you have closed the door on a lucrative opportunity for no good reason.
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